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Accounting Resume Directory

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401 Accounting Resumes
Jefferson Luis Walsh
I would love to work for you. I will do anything and everything that is my duty when at work. I will also do as much extra as i can to ensure i am doing the job quickly and correctly.
Hal R. Bjorkman Jr.
To obtain a mutually benficial driving position within Your company
Working with people is my greatest strength and something I love doing.My goal is to continue working in an industry that best utilizes my greatest asset.
Jeff Feaster
Provide professional work to the job industry.
Kimberly N. Reed
looking for full or part time job, with a well paying salary.
Sean Whittaker
My goal is to find a full time position with a company that has maintained growth and provides meritted earnings potential.
Jessica DiCamillo
Look for a part-time job during the last semesters of school, with the possibility of advancement after graduation.
Amy Wright
I am interested in a full time, long term position in the medical field.
Nicole M. Sears
Receptionists, office assistant, and or legal assistant.
Amanda Davidson
Motivated, team player looking for a position working in Accounts Payable or Receivables, Bookkeeping, or as an Assistant.
Anita Gorczynski-Ambroziak
Accountant, Bookkeper, Office Manager - waiting for a job offer.