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136 Engineering Resumes
Steven James Holt
Seeking a position in any field of Civil Engineering, where my extensive experience will be developed further and utilized.
Ashley N. Parra
I am hoping to acquire a job which will hopefully interest me in a career.
Jeffrey M. Adair
To work for a company that can provide me the oppourtunity to obtain further knowledge and skills to work towards becoming a Professional Land Surveyor.
Eugene F. Hartson
I recently retired from AT&T after 36 years. I feel I can be of use in another position and am seeking a job where I may do so.
Randy Thelen
To work in a secure aviation field utilizing my skills to advance within the company, while at the same time assist my co-workers in achieving a product that the customer is proud of.
Ammar Mohamed Hamid Adam
Seeking for a good engineering position in a well established enterprise to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience.
Andrew Vaughn
My goal is finding a job that will help me prosper and be personally rewarding.
Clint M. Haney
To obtain a more challenging position that would put my skills to the test and give more opportunity to expand my knowledge.
Robert gray
Welder 1st class, stick, mig, flux-core.
To obtain a position in a working environment with vision toward future, wherein an atmosphere conducive to sharing of ideas, learning, growing as emerging technological knowledgeable tomorrow.
Don Wolfe
seeking full time employment
David L Waddell
Strong written and verbal communications. Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development environment.
•To work in areas compatible with my profession where I can apply my knowledge to reach new goals. •High priority in building a long lasting career by contributing to my company’s growth.
Robert L Hollie Jr
Looking forward to being a motivated team player. By utilizing the skills I have to the best of my ability. Also finding a company who I can help in any way possible, by being on time and reliable.
Ebsan Uddin
Share work experience and skills with potential recruiters.