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Miscellaneous Resume Directory

miscellaneous resume directory resumizer Resumizer gives job seekers the opportunity to create resumes online, and then add them to our Miscellaneous Resume Directory where employers are welcome to view them. Perhaps you are looking for a new job that will be a refreshing change. Maybe you are looking are to be hired for your very first position. Whatever the case may be, you can post your resume to our Miscellaneous Resume Directory where various companies and organizations can find you. Your skills and work experience can be searched for and viewed by those businesses that are seeking new employees for a myriad of different positions. All you have to do is put yourself out there for the employers who are interested in viewing resumes in this category.

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Maybe you're looking for a job in landscaping, customer service, sales, clerical work, caregiving, or something entirely different. Any job that doesn't fit into one of our other categories should be listed here. Post your resume in our database so businesses of all types can view your qualifications. With a little luck, the right hiring manager will find your resume and contact you for an interview. As companies have been recovering from the economic recession, they are looking to add additional qualified staff members to expand their businesses. You can help them to rise to the next level. You can be an addition to their team that can help them reach their goals as you reach yours.

Please take advantage of the job market recovery, and begin your next job hunt by promoting your skills in our Miscellaneous Resume Directory. Resumizer takes pride in the fact that we provide free services for anyone motivated enough to take the steps needed to obtain the career of their dreams! - Miscellaneous Jobs
3052 Miscellaneous Resumes
Lashunda Adams
To find a position that utilizes my skills & experience
Adam St.Romain
Pursuing an entry level position with long term career in mind.
Karl R Shuh Jr
My objective is to learn any skills, trades, or fields that are available to me.
Darell McCullough
I hope to utilize the knowledge i've acquired and exhibit my strength's as an employee of your company. I am a self - motivated and efficient worker who would be an asset in many capacities.
Lora Davis
To maintain a customer service position in which prior experience may add value to company operations.
Hannah G Royal
Thorough, loyal, dependable.
To obtain a position with a company utilizing the skills I have gained from previous work experience.
Jerlene Kea
Forklift Certified // First Aid/AED/CPR Certified // Executive Assistant Certificate of Completion // HR and Payroll Management Certificate of Completion
Sandtron Harrell
My objective is to earn money in order to support finances for college while also helping people in any way to the best of my abilities.
Michele Diana Rodriguez
A career allowing me to utilize my teambuilding and communication skills, along with my customer service knowledge and expertise, to succeed at any job given.
Dustin Caracciolo
To find lasting employment with security and promotional advancement possiblilties.
Jennifer Karsko
Seeking a valued position in customer service so that I may enhance the company that will employ me with my precise knowledge and skill set.
Shereena Johnson
Pursuing a dental assistant position with a corporation that would allow me the opportunity to enhance my hands on education and training.
Rachel Comerford
I am looking to be a leasing agent in an apartment complex near Fort Myers, FL.
Octavia Parker
I am currently looking for a position in customer service, In which I have 7 years of experience. Throughout those years I have obtained the knowledge of what customers and employers are looking for.