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Edit My Resume here online anytime you wish, there are no fees, memberships, or hassles. The system to edit your resume couldn't be easier, if you know how to click you can edit your resume.
Resumizer offers two ways to edit your resume.

Method #1. Without Membership
Simply open your myresume-edit-file.htm, that you downloaded when you made your resume, by double clicking on it. The edit file will open into your web browser where you will see a page with an easy instruction to click the edit button at the bottom of that page. After you click the edit button, you will be brought to this page where your data will be loaded into the free resume creator system, enabling you to update your resume as needed. Using the provided edit file is only way to re-enter your resume data back into the free resume creator without creating an account.

When you created your resume you where given the option to "Download Resume" file itself, to "Print" the resume and also to "Download Edit File". If you failed to download the edit file you can still edit your resume but you will have to manually re-enter all of your data. There is no way around this. Please do not ask for support on this issue as there is nothing we can do to remedy this problem. After you manually re-enter your data, this time ensure that you do download the edit file.
Method #2. With Free Membership
If you wish to upgrade and create a free account you can do so within the Free Resume Creator while you are editing your resume. Of course membership is free, users are not required to create an account to make resumes, but one of the benefits is easier editing as your information will be stored in the system. You will also have the ability to list your resume online in our directory, it can be searched by employers and will give your skills greater exposure.

You will be provided with a free resume webpage that will give you and employers the ability to view, download and print a hard copy of your resume. You can also edit, print, download or send the resume via email from your My Resumizer homepage. You will be provided with a web address for your online resume page that can be used in forums, blogs or social networking pages. Having an online resume gives the benefit of your skills being available for people to see 24/7.

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