resume skills examples resume skills

Resume Skills Examples

resume skills examples

Resume Skills Examples

Resume Skills Examples with a simple guide to help you write your resume skills list. We explain how to optimize this section with examples that you can use and modify for your specific field. The resume skills section is usually a bulleted list of your most important abilities that you have acquired while performing your previous jobs. It gives the interviewer a quick summary of what your capabilities are.

When you write this section be sure to focus on your abilities that are most relevant to the job you want to obtain. This is a section on your resume that you want to tailor to each job, write in your resume skills that are necessary to perform this new job. The number of bullet points to use shouldn't be a long list but enough to get your point across.

Write a list containing all of the job skills and abilities that you have acquired in the normal course of your work. This way when you need to update your resume to apply for a new job prospect you will have a list already written up and ready to go. This method will cut down on the time needed to write your resume and make updates. You won't feel pressured to quickly come up with the information and you can add to the list as you think of more additions.

Draw your most relevant resume skills examples for that specific job from your list. Include keywords specific to the position so if they scan your resume into their database they can search for keywords.

Try to use action verbs in your examples to give more importance and effectiveness to your abilities. Don't claim to be more proficient at a task or have greater abilities than you do. You may get this job and be expected to perform at the level you claim you can.

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Resume Skills Examples
  • strong communication skills
  • excellent ability to adapt to difficult situations
  • detail oriented
  • capable problem solver
  • speak foreign languages
  • proficient at excel
  • good organizational skills
  • working knowledge of visual basic
  • time and project management
  • leadership skills

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