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Business Cards Printing Tutorial

Correctly print your resume business cards by following these simple directions from our business cards printing tutorial. Learn how to remove the header and footer in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and more.

Print Your Business Cards

business cards printing Each browser has its own set of instructions. Find your browser, and the procedure is laid out step-by-step. The most popular browsers are listed below. If you use a different browser that isn't listed here, you should be able to read the instructions below and adapt those steps to your version. Otherwise, check with the developer of your browser to learn how to accomplish the same result.

Our step-by-step instructions make it very easy to print your resume business cards with the proper margins and without the header and footer information using perforated or plain paper. Described below is the procedure to print both the front side and the back side. Alternatively, you could try this Free Business Cards Creator if you want to make them for a more generalized application.
Business Cards Printing Tutorial

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Set The Proper Margins First

The instructions in this section describe how to adjust the controls and settings for your browser. Your page may initially look incorrect, but upon printing everything will fall into place. If these settings aren't made the edges may not line up correctly with the perforations if you are using that type of paper.

  • Chrome Users
    1. Click the icon at the top right that looks like three dots, to access the settings. Next click Print, the next screen comes up with the page to be printed and the print settings on the left side.
    2. Set the Layout to Portrait, click More Settings.
    3. Uncheck the Option for Headers and footers. Scale will be 100.
    4. Set the margins to None, or move your mouse or pointing device over the page to grab and drag the top and bottom margins to 0, then move the left and right margins to 0.
  • Firefox Users
    1. Go to File, then Page Setup, and click the Headers and Footers tab.
    2. You can set this back to what is was previously by copying the existing settings for the Margins, Header, and Footer fields. Set the Header and Footer drop down boxes to --blank--.
    3. Change the top and bottom margins to 0 and the left and right margins to 0.
  • Edge/Internet Explorer Users
    1. Go to File, then Page Setup, or click the down arrow next to the printer icon. Find the section labeled Headers and Footers.
    2. You can reset this back by copying the existing settings for the Header and Footer fields. Either remove all the characters in those fields leave them blank. Or, if it has them, set each drop down box to Empty.
    3. Change the top and bottom margins to 0 and the left and right margins to 0.
    4. Uncheck Enable Shrink-to-Fit.
  • Opera Users
    1. Go to Menu, then Print…, clear the Print Headers and Footers box.
    2. Set the Scale drop down box to print 100%.
    3. Set margins to None. With the top and bottom margins set to 0 and the left and right margins also set to 0.

Print the Front, the Back, and Double-sided

Here we describe the buttons you will need to click within the creator program, and the procedure you will need to follow so that you can print double-sided.
  1. Font: To print the front side of the cards click the Print Front button as you would normally print anything, after you set the margins, and such, as previously described.
  2. Back: To print the back side you will need to click the Print Back button.
  3. Double-sided: To print double-sided, first print the front side. You will then need to turn the page over with the front side facing up. Then print the back side using the same piece of paper. It may be necessary to experiment when you are loading the paper back into the printer because every computer/printer setup is different. The correct orientation of the paper must be found so the front side lines up properly with the back side.