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Testimonials for Resumizer Free Resume Creator

testimonials for resumizer free resume creator Job seekers who have used Resumizer to create their resumes, cover letters, and reference pages sent these testimonials about the Resumizer Free Resume Creator. We are pleased to have been of help to them. Providing these services and enabling people to benefit from them is rewarding. We appreciate it when people express their appreciation and describe how Resumizer has contributed to their job search success.

Positive feedback from people who use our programs encourages us to enhance the features of this site and continually improve the services. Please contact us if we have helped you and you would like to include an account of your experience in your own words. We will add your story to those on our list of satisfied guests. We don't use the word “customers” because we don't charge any fees! Many users' reviews are listed as anonymous because we were asked not to use their names, we respect people's privacy. In case you are interested, you can read some reviews about Resumizer.

Testimonials From Satisfied Guests

“It's very easy to use and it's free! Usually, with other resume websites they claim it's free but once you've completed your resume you are required to pay something to be able to download it. With Resumizer there are no issues with that.”
- Wayne G.
“It's absolutely free. No gimmicks. Just friendly, straight forward, helpful information aimed at creating a quality resume all on your own. Thank you so much Resumizer!”
- Anonymous
“This was an easy to use service that generated an appropriate resume for me. I was able to download the resume to my computer without any problems and it was ACTUALLY a free service!”
- DA
“I love the Resumizer because as a person with not so much experience in the resume making process it has made everything easy for me. My resume came out professional looking and it was easy to get the exact font and style I wanted. I recommend this site to any one struggling.”
- Jasmyn S.
“Resumizer makes creating a professional, personalized resume easy and fast!”
- Anonymous
“For someone who is not skilled with putting together a really good looking document without agonizing about it - the Resumizer was a true blessing. I followed the easy directions and was so pleased that this site was honest about everything they said! No gimmicks to pry money out of you. It's a GREAT resource and I would recommend it to anyone! Sincerely, Barbara S.”
- Barbara S.
“The resume creator was simple to use, had a section for everything I wanted to add, and made a very professional looking resume when I was done. I also love the spell check!”
- Amanda M.
“It was fast, safe & easy to use. The downloaded formats were amazing. Very simply non-confusing resume building. Help options available along with different layouts. I would definitely recommend this site to all my friends, family & coworkers & it's 100% free to use!!! You can always come back to edit it. Makes looking for a new job less stressful than it already is!!!”
- Anonymous
“Thank, Thank you, I did not know how to work on a resume. This helped.”
- Anonymous
“I like the RESUMIZER resume creator because of the quality of the resume it produces, it provides one with many different resume styles and can be amended easily should need arise.”
- LEE Z.
“Help me to renew by updating my old one and I like how it help me reword it better.”
- Anonymous
“It guides me through each step. The best part is it's really free of charge. On the other sites I'd go through all the things to create a resume or cover letter thinking it was free. It said it was free. Then, at the end is when they want to charge. I am unemployed and have been having trouble creating resume/cover letter. I don't have the extra money to spend or the time it involves to create these things assuming it will be free. I like that Resumizer is honest and there are no hidden agendas. I would definitely recommend this site to everyone.”
- Andrea P.
“It helped me to build my cover letter.”
- Anonymous
“It was quick and easy and all the information needed to create a rockin' resume is there at you finger tips.”
- Heather
“I can create a professional looking resume that gets attention.”
- Anonymous
“This is very helpful to create a resume to get hired for a summer job. I will definitely use it again if I need to get another job!”
- Anonymous
“The resume creator was really simple and easy to use. The templates available have a simplistic yet eye catching design that's certainly better than what I could have done by hand. Thank you for creating this site, it really helped me out.”
- Keenan H.
“It was easier than other sites and free, and easier to complete each section.”
- Anonymous
“It's easy to use and I don't ever feel like I've wasted my time or that I have to search for a different resume builder. I've been a member for a number of years and I always come back whenever I need to. I've tried others throughout the years and Resumizer is the most effective.”
- Sheila
“It was fast, safe & easy to use. The downloaded formats were amazing. Very simply non-confusing resume building. Help options available along with different layouts.”
- Anonymous
“I never thought making a resume could be so easy, but Resumizer proved me wrong! I love all the features the site gives and was happy to not forget anything. I was expecting to come on to this website and just copy and paste a template to work on my own, but the step-by-step fill-in boxes really helped!”
- Krystle
“It is easy to use and it is free! It provides helpful tips and many options to choose from.”
- Anonymous
“It made my resume beautiful and easy.”
- Anonymous
“Finally, a resume-creator with no hidden fees or costs! I'm so grateful to have found Resumizer. Within half an hour, I created a very professional resume perfect for online or in-person job applications. I was also happy to find the cover letter maker - I'd have been lost without it!”
- Cassandra
“It makes your work easier :D”
- Anonymous
“You are the only place that will let me make and download it for free. Thank You!”
- Anonymous
“This was the 3rd site I visited and had to input info all over again…very frustrated until I reached your site…used copy and paste…very simple & no stress…& you didn't lie about it being free.”
- Dan P.
“It is quite good and helpful for fresher.”
- Anonymous
“Resumizer helped me tremendously with creating a resume and at about midnight it was a life saver. Thanks.”
- Anonymous
“Because it helped me to develop my resume I'm grateful for this website.”
- Anonymous
“It was simple and easy to use. Very helpful.”
- Bob
“It was easy as pie and quick.”
- Anonymous
“I loved it and my favorite part is that one can go back and edit their resume!!!!”
- Buster
“I loved it!!! Fast and easy.”
- Anonymous
“I liked the variety of resume templates that resumizer offers.”
- Anonymous
“It's easy and helpful to those in need to create their own resume.”
- Faith
“They are free and very helpful in helping those who need help making a resume and/or cover letter.”
- Anonymous
“This a great tool to use, I like it a lot.”
- Anonymous
“It was simple, like me. It proved to be lots of help.”
- Roger
“It is very easy and convenient to use.”
- Anonymous
“Easy to use and navigate.”
- Anonymous
“It has given me the opportunity to use it for free without any obligations! Thank you very much!”
- User
“So helpful! thanks! great site i would recommend to others and will absolutely use again!”
- Anonymous
“Easy to use, quick. Helped me make, and revise my resume.”
- Anonymous
“Easy to work with, well explained and so on.”
- Jonathan
“It's very user friendly. I intend to use the Resumizer in the future. You stated your service was free I didn't believe it, yes the service free. I really appreciated using your program I was having a little fog.”
- Dorothy M.
“It helped me create my resume and to get a job faster! Thanks!”
- Tymer
“I was able to print without having to pay. Other sites let you do all the work, then ask for money. Unlike Resumizer I feel other sites are a come-on, if they are going to require payment, be upfront.”
- Anonymous
“This is my second time leaving a testimonial, and I'm back because I've been using this site for over ten years now, and it is still the BEST website for creating a totally FREE resume, with no hidden fees or costs. There are plenty of beautiful, professional templates to choose from, it's very user-friendly, and there are a ton of file-type options for downloading. I recently thought I'd try searching for a different site, to see if there has been any improvement out there, but every other site still charges for everything except download a plain-text document - which is not very professional looking! I learned my lesson, and am happy to be sticking with Resumizer in the future!! I don't even mind if this testimonial doesn't get used, I just really want the Resumizer team to know they have the best site out there, I recommend it to all my associates, and I'm extremely grateful for this service!! The whole site has a very plain-text feel with limited graphics, and it may turn off some people upon initial use. They may think it's not super up-to-date or usable. However, personally, I have been using the site for years and what I see is that your efforts go more into actual usability and user-friendliness, rather than fancy site-dressing to make the site itself look pretty. You put in the effort where it needs to be, and I love that.”
- C. Cahill

If you would like to create a free resume you are welcome to do so using our Free Resume Creator. You may also build a no-cost cover letter and reference page. Additionally, our Career Help Center consists of tutorials, guides, and resume videos that teach you how to write a resume and how to avoid common resume mistakes.