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About Resumizer.com

about resumizer Resumizer.com was founded on March 31st, 2006. Resumizer is an online web app that enables job seekers to write and edit resumes, cover letters, and other important documents with ease and at no cost. Not everyone has the money needed to hire a company to create these documents. In that case, we can do it ourselves, we made the tools available that you need to tackle this task.

Doing it ourselves can be better at times since no one else knows what our needs and desires are better than ourselves. If you hire a writer they could just want to “get it done” and may not take the care needed to get the job done right.

Our Beginning …

Resumizer was launched as a free resume creator suite that includes a collection of online career tools that are continuously improved with new features as trends change. The idea for Resumizer came about as a result of an internet search. The search results revealed resume resources that had several undesirable aspects;
  1. A cost or some sort of “catch,” to create and/or download the resume.
  2. The inconvenience of having to join or sign up for a resume service before you knew that you liked it.
  3. Or, the bother of having to sign up at all. Maybe you just want to make a resume and not have to go through all that.
Developing this Free Resume Creator was an excellent way to help people who need resumes, but don't know how to write them. People aren't interested in signing up for yet another website. We wanted to create a resume service that didn't require users to register for membership.

The service should also conform to the fact that, at that time in 2006, most things on the web were free. We all want to make resumes and not have to pay for them. We knew we had a better way, so the concept for Resumizer was developed. A website that provides job seekers with the services they need; free resumes, cover letters, career help, how to videos and more at no cost!

Our Mission …

our mission Much time and effort continues to be put into the development of Resumizer, a resume management system that has been 100% free since 2006! There is no need to sign up for a membership or pay any fees. There are no subscriptions or trial periods. All costs are absorbed via the display of third-party advertisements. You can create, print, send or download resumes and other documents at Resumizer®.

Resumes at NO cost, from start to finish. That has been our mission from the beginning. Our guests appreciate this philosophy and it shows! Resumizer has experienced increasing success since its inception.

about resumizer Resumizer.com has been displayed on numerous sources: ABC News websites, CNET, college career centers as an online resource for their students, and public library websites as a resource in their job and employment assistance sections.

You are welcome to use our services! Be sure to use all our creator programs to their fullest and take advantage of our help library. People ask, “Is this really a resume for free?” The answer is, yes it is! Get started here: Free Resume Creator or read some testimonials to see what others already know about Resumizer®.

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