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Copyright Notice for Resumizer.com

copyright notice resumizer This page contains Resumizer's Copyright Notice. This describes the manner in which information on the Resumizer.com website may be used.

You are welcome to use this website to create career-building documents. You are also free to use the information contained within the articles and other materials to learn about methods to obtain jobs or advance your career.

Notice of Copyright for Resumizer.com

Last Updated: December 11, 2021

  1. You are free to create and use as many resumes as you wish. You are authorized to post your resume on the internet, a website, or anyplace else as a vehicle to relay your personal and employment information. You can use your resume any way you wish. The designs and layouts are provided to be used to create a resume, but not to be used as a means to derive other works from them.
  2. The templates remain our property. You are not authorized to sell the templates or include the templates on any websites or in any collections, which includes the Word documents that are available for download. We provide Word documents so job seekers can enter their pertinent details into them for the purpose of gaining employment. This condition also applies to cover letters, reference pages, interview thank you letters, business cards, resignation letters, and more.
  3. Our goal is to assist job seekers in gaining employment. Users must use the documents created on the Resumizer.com website for that purpose only. Please do not copy them and use them as content on other websites, except in the manner previously described.
  4. Example images of resume templates, cover letter templates, and other career document creator programs may be used on social media profiles, but not on individual websites. You are welcome to link to our page containing the image of interest from your website. Please don't “hotlink” directly to the images, as this will use our resources and slow down the system. Also, please don't link directly to the Word templates that we have available for download, instead please link to their featured page. Trademarks mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners.
  5. This notice is self-explanatory. If you wish to use the content, please visit Resumizer.com to do so. Under no circumstances are you to copy our content and add it to any other website. Feel free to use your resume, cover letter, and other documents that you have created on Resumizer for the sole purpose to obtain employment and nothing more.
  6. Resumizer lets users post their own original work, this includes users' resumes. It is strictly prohibited for users to post material that is copyrighted by third parties. Users who post copyrighted information are solely responsible for the content of that information. Resumizer is not responsible for any copyrighted materials posted by third parties.
We appreciate your compliance with these policies. You may also wish to view our Terms of Service agreement.