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Resume Help and FAQ's

resume help Resume Help and FAQ's will aid anyone who writes a resume using the Resumizer Free Resume Creator. Get answers to questions about issues you may encounter and how to resolve them.

Answers and Help for Your Resume Account

Get the solution you need to put you back on track. There are many questions listed below with easy to understand answers that will facilitate the creation of your resume and enable you to use your account to the fullest.
Resume Help and FAQ's for the Resumizer Free Resume Creator

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  1. I didn't see where to join the program.
    You may join the program within the resume creator program. It is not a requirement that you join, you can create and edit you resume without joining, but there are more features available to you if you do. When you reach the end of the creation process and you are on the Preview page, press the “Save to Account” button you will be taken to the account creation page where you can enter a Username and Password of your choosing.
  2. Why don't I sign up first?
    Because our goal is not to get people to join, it is to provide people with quality resumes and more for no cost. Not everyone wants to join, but for those that do we offer that option.
  3. I never received my Activation email.
    Some of our users have been experiencing a problem with their email services blocking emails sent by our server by mistakenly tagging them as spam. Some email services like AT&T, Bellsouth or Sbcglobal mistakenly block our emails. Use a different email address like Yahoo or Gmail since the first one failed. We suggest that if you don't receive your Activation email that you go to the Activation Page and enter your Username, Password and another email address from another domain, like Gmail or Yahoo, to have your activation email resent.
  4. I clicked my Activation email but it shows “Account Not Found.”
    If you created your account but have not activated it for several weeks it is assumed that the account was abandoned, the system automatically deletes accounts that are not activated within three weeks. Please contact Account Support, we are happy to check the status of your account. To avoid this issue please activate your account upon receiving the Activation email.
  5. My account is activated but I can't login.
    If you already activated your account and you can't login make sure you are using the exact Username and Password you originally created. Make sure you are using the correct case, meaning upper case or lower case, your Username and Password are case-sensitive. For an example when logging in, “Hello” does not equal “hello.”

    If you are not sure that you are using the correct Username and/or Password go to the Send Login page to have your login info re-sent to the email address that is currently on file for your account. It should be the same as the email you used on your resume.

    Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser, they are used to keep you logged in to your account. If you still can't login close your browser to end your current session. Open a new browser window, go to the Login page and try it again.

    If after that you still can't login contact us for support. Send the support request from the email address you used on your resume. We request this to verify that we are communicating with the correct member. State the problem you are having along with any error messages you have received. We also use the email address you entered on your resume to locate your account in the database.
  6. I didn't join how can I save my resume?
    When you are finished making your resume, on the Preview page, under the “Save As …” menu, press one of the export resume buttons to download your finished resume. Also press the “Edit File” button to save your configuration in case you want to make changes later.
  7. I didn't join how can I edit my resume?
    If you downloaded the Resume Edit file (resume-edit-fileXX-XX-XXXX.htm) then all you need to do is double-click on it, click the button on the resulting page that opens into your browser and you will be brought directly to the Edit page in the creator program. If you didn't download it then you will have to re-create your resume manually, none of your info was saved by the system. We do not store any of your information unless you join thereby giving us permission to do so.
  8. Can I get help writing my resume?
    Although we don't offer hands on help on an individual basis we do provide many useful tips within the program itself. You can also consult our resume help and tips page which lists all our online help resources or watch some of our videos.
  9. After creating a resume my changes weren't saved.
    If you are not a member make sure you press one of the “Export Resume” buttons to download your finished resume and “Edit File” button in case you want to make changes later. If you have an account make sure that when you are finished you login so your changes are saved. Even if you are a member that is logged in, the changes you have made will not be saved until you press the “Save To Account” button.
  10. Can I use the system with my smartphone or tablet?
    Yes, we offer you the convenience of using your smartphone, tablet or handheld to facilitate your job search using our career help and creator tools. It is for both members and non-members. This system is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows and other mobile devices.
  11. If I make my resume public will the world see my personal info?
    Some of it, even though your resume is public your street address, telephone number and cell phone number are not displayed. Your email address is shown but in an obscured manner so employers may contact you. Of course it is your choice to make it public or private, this choice is made during account creation and within the account on the “Edit Profile” page.
  12. Where do I change the email address for my user account?
    The email address for your user account is the same one that you used on your resume. To change it simply change the email address on your resume.
  13. I no longer have access to my account email address.
    As long as you know your login info and make no requests for help with your account this will not be an issue for you. Login to your account and change your email on your resume. This could be a problem if you forgot your Username or password and you no longer have access to the email you used when you created the account. You won't be able to send yourself your login credentials.

    You can use your PIN Number if you added one to your account to identify yourself to our support staff. If you don't have a PIN number, but you can still log in to your Resume Account, go to the Edit Profile page and add one there.

    If you don't have a PIN number we use the email address that the support request originated from as the means to verify the identity of the account holder. This verifies that support requests for the account are legitimate. Because of this, if a member no longer has access to the email account on file and they don't have a PIN number it leaves us with no way to verify that the person contacting us is the genuine member for the account. It is each member's responsibility to keep their account contact information current to avoid situations like this one. It is also each member's responsibility to maintain their login information and PIN number to gain access to their account.
  14. Can I get help writing my directory description?
    We wrote a tutorial showing examples of bad descriptions and we explain why they are ineffective, please consult our directory description page.
  15. What do you do with the information I enter?
    Your information is only used in conjunction with your resume, it is not used in any other way. For non-members your information is not stored on our site, that is why if you don't download the Edit File you cannot retrieve it later. For members your information is stored in the database, but is only used when:
      a. You login to your member account.
      b. You make your resume public and your resume is viewed in the directory.
      c. You ask us for account support.
    Your information is not given to any outside sources, please view our privacy policy for more information.
  16. What's the catch why is this free?
    No catch, Resumizer is supported by third-party advertising. You can obtain more information about getting your resume for free. You will really get it for free from start to finish!
  17. The Last Resort, I Tried Everything Else
    If you tried these FAQ's and you still haven't resolved your issue please contact us for additional support. We do offer this service for free so if you could extend to us the courtesy of trying these measures first before you contact us we would appreciate it. We will normally ask you to try these measures first, then we will assist you so you might as well save a step.