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Retail-Sales Resume Directory

retail sales resume directory resumizer A job in retail sales requires a unique individual who is driven to provide great customer service,and at the same time meet quarterly sales quotas. Helping people connect with their wants and needs is a rewarding part of retail sales. Retail sales is a competitive work environment, so put yourself out there and get noticed, right here! If you have the desire for your own wants and needs be met, you can by posting your resume here in Resumizer's Retail Sales Directory. This is a great place to start! Employers are eager to fill their sales positions so they can continue to grow their businesses. You can become a part of their team, and enjoy the benefits as well. Retail sales businesses have a unique opportunity to comb through our database and find their ideal future employee to join their company.

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Your experience in retail and sales might be in automotive, jewelry, clothing, hardware, appliances, or some other industry in which products are sold. Regardless, employers are looking for motivated individuals who have the expertise to assist consumers in selecting a product or products that meet their needs and wants, and at the same time develop a great rapport with the clientele. Once a trusting relationship is in place, companies may have a lifelong client. If you are good at performing those tasks, then let retail and sales employers find your resume and make you a part of their sales force.

Your first step in obtaining your next position is composing your resume, then you can post it here, in our directory. If all goes as planned, an employer will see what you have to offer and contact you via email to set up an interview. We are all driven by our passion to succeed. Getting better Retail Sales Jobs may be a good plan to make that happen.
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1603 Retail-Sales Resumes

resume member Linda Washington
My objective is to focus on client relations and dealing with customer services.
Report Listing #64993
resume member Jacqueline Doss
Obtain a position as a team-player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my customer-service experience in a challenging environment to achieve goals and enhance my leadership skills.
Report Listing #21283
resume member Anthony Croft
Looking to maximize my potential and business skills acquired through previous working experience
Report Listing #35667
resume member John J. Soos
Professional Sales Person. High Energy. Goal Oriented. Set many company sales records in the timeshare and health insurance industry, and received the Sales Executive Of The Year Award.
Report Listing #29402
resume member Ronnae Williamson
Looking for employment retail and hospitality.
Report Listing #68208
resume member Cori Wirtz
I am looking for a career where I can grow with the company, and bring my skill's to the company and work toward a high goal. A company that I can be successful in.
Report Listing #24006
resume member Vanessa N. Hernandez
To obtain a full or part time position within a company that allows growth and use of knowledge provided in order to help the company reach its goals and grow as well.
Report Listing #71210
resume member Brandy Barnes
I'm a hard working, dedicated person. I love working around people and kids. I'm easy to get along with. My main goal when I start something is to finish it.
Report Listing #46387
resume member Tasha James
Entry level sales associate with 2 years of experience and a desire to obtain the position of a sales associate that will show and utilize my communication and customer service skills.
Report Listing #45898
resume member Gary Henry
Enthusiastic and honest person to help your company increase production and customer service.
Report Listing #73023
resume member Michelle West
Seeking An Position In Which I Can Utilize My Fifthteen Years Experience In Computers,Sales,Retail,Human Relations.
Report Listing #48783
resume member Brenda Madrigal
Seeking a position that will benefit from my sales experience, positive interaction and industry where my 5 years' experience can improve sales results.
Report Listing #41960
resume member Dalton James Pulvino
I am an energetic young man looking to start a career
Report Listing #67344
resume member Courtney Merchant
To secure employment in a field that can enhance my professional skills and experience.
Report Listing #39822
resume member Gabrielle Giaccone
Gabrielle Giaccones resume
Report Listing #73009
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