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How to Apply for a Job Within Your Company

how to apply for a job within your company How to apply for a job within your company using strategies and tips that may give you an advantage against others applying from outside your organization.

When people join a company and sign up for a certain position, they expect that the company is going to take care of their professional needs as well as offer opportunities for advancement. So when those internal opportunities arise, employees will want to jump on them and not let them pass.

Apply for a Job Within Your Company

Are you bored with your current position? Do you want to challenge yourself more, or get a raise? Sometimes the best place to look is within the company where you already work.

It may seem easy to transfer within your organization. There are several criteria that you must watch out for to keep good standings with your current boss and coworkers. It would help if you learned the proper techniques of internal interviews. This article can shed some light on many of those criteria.

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Apply From Within Your Company

Applying from within the company that you already work for can be beneficial to show that you have a real initiative to be challenged and a wish to move up the corporate ladder. However, there is a specific etiquette to use during the application process.
  • Searching for Jobs
    Check your company's website frequently for job postings and openings for open positions. A lot of the time, the company will go ahead and post an opening before anyone in the company is aware of it. So if you can catch it first, you will have the advantage.

    Before you start the application process, make sure that you are a good fit for the opening. Since you already work there, you may have some inside knowledge about the position to make a more informed decision. For example, if your new boss were going to be someone whom you dislike or cannot work well with, then it would be in your best interest to not apply for that job.
  • Making Others Aware
    While you shouldn't go around telling your coworkers about this position, one person whom you should make aware of your potential transfer is your boss. Your boss is going to be your most influential reference that holds the most weight in your company, so telling them is the smart thing to do. Avoid springing this idea on them, talk with your boss respectfully about your decision to transfer. Make sure they understand that you respect and appreciate their management style, but you would like the opportunity to advance in the company.
  • How to Apply
    Applying for this position can happen through different methods if you are applying for an internal transfer between departments, or seeking a promotion. An internal transfer may be a lateral move in benefits and pay but could give you a change in scenery and perhaps a variation of daily assignments. As opposed to a promotion, where your pay and potential benefits increase while your responsibilities also increase.

    Applying for each type of position should be treated as though you are applying for an external position. The level of professionalism and respect should be the same even though that company already employs you.

    There are differences between applying for an internal position versus an external position. During an interview for an internal position, you have the opportunity to demonstrate the successes that you have contributed to that company. All of your superiors potentially know the people that are hiring you and can speak on your behalf. Overall, you can have great success during the application process, depending on your current standing in the company.
  • Target your Portfolio
    Because you have already worked in your current company, you know all the popular buzzwords and lingo that the hiring managers would like to hear. Use that as an advantage and go through all of your documents like your resume and cover letter and specifically target them using popular keywords from the company.
  • Next Steps
    Your future in the current company awaits you. Once a position opens up, you may have a great chance of obtaining it. So after making rock-solid foundations in your organization, apply for an internal transfer or promotion and see where your career will take you next!