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Job Interview Tips

job interview tips Do you know how to act and what to say before, during, and after your job interview? With these tips describing how to dress and how to carry yourself, including proper body language you will. The job interview tips listed here may be the ticket to tip the scales in your favor and get you hired.

Helpful Job Interview Tips

We have broken the interview process down into a timeline that starts before the interview appointment and continues to what to do afterward. Many of the job interview tips are plain old common sense and etiquette, from dressing appropriately to answering questions with confidence. Our goal when assembling this list of job interview tips was to offer some aid that may make the difference when you need that little extra to get the job. Need more details on mastering a lunch interview?
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  • What to Do Before the Interview
    • Know your stuff, knowledge is power, practice with friends or family members by holding a mock interview. Have them ask you questions so you become more comfortable being in that type of situation.
    • Research the company, find out information about it so if they ask you about it you will be knowledgeable.
    • Do your homework about the company and position you want, you want to appear to be prepared.
    • Use any contacts you have inside the company to get information about the position that will be to your advantage.
    • If you have not already done so it is customary to provide your reference page at this time. If you did not do so already you can use our Free Reference Page Creator.
  • Dress With the Appropriate Attire
    • What you wear should be appropriate for the position. Dress better than as is necessary, it shows respect to the interviewer and position. Follow this link for more job interview tips describing how to dress.
    • Wear clothing with conservative colors and styles. Like your resume use dark contrasting colors.
    • For most positions men can wear a nice suit, women can wear a suit or skirt and blouse. Keep accessories to a minimum.
    • Be sure your clothing is clean and without wrinkles.
    • If you don't have anything to wear borrow it or run out and buy it, you are investing in your future.
    • Arrive well-groomed with neat, conservatively styled hair, nails trimmed and generally men would be neatly shaven.
  • How to Act and React
    • Be conscious of your movements and body language.
    • Turn off your cellphone, it's unprofessional to get a call while your future boss is in the middle of talking.
    • Don't be late, instead be early.
    • Shake hands with the interviewer if they extend their hand, don't shake too hard, but firm enough to show confidence.
    • When you are brought into the interview room keep standing until you are invited to be seated, say thank you.
    • Be courteous and polite.
    • Look them in the eye.
    • Don't fidget, play with your hair, tap your foot, or display any other nervous habits. Be calm, relaxed and confident.
    • Be positive, display a winning, confident attitude.
  • Answer Calmly and Confidently
    • Answer the questions honestly, if you tell them something that is untrue, and they find out it can be grounds for your termination.
    • When answering questions show that you are knowledgeable about the company and position, do your homework.
    • Give examples of your accomplishments and abilities.
    • Remember where you are, if they act friendly it is most likely a tactic they are using to make you feel comfortable, so you will be more forthcoming with information.
    • Be sure to use and pronounce job terminology correctly.
    • Don't ask about salary or benefits unless they bring it up.
    • Because you don't know what to expect, be prepared for a phone meeting, a one-on-one meeting or a group meeting.
  • What to Do After the Interview
    • Thank the employer for their time and the opportunity.
    • Within 24 hours send them a thank you letter, you can use our free Thank You Letter Creator to make it easy.
    • Keep looking for employment you don't know if you will get hired. Don't get your hopes too high, have a backup plan in case you don't get hired. You may be in a position where you have been out of work for a long time and are excited that this opportunity is being presented to you. You can't put all of your eggs in one basket have a plan B.
Just like when you invest your money, what you are doing during this process is investing in your career. You want to diversify and have many possibilities available. Be positive, but continue to search for more prospects. Plan as if you won't get the job. You may end up getting a better deal somewhere else, and if this one falls through, you will have other opportunities lined up. You won't have been idle and unproductive. Now it seems employers can use your credit report as an additional criterion in the applicant selection process. We intend for these job interview tips to make a difference in your job search, good luck!