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Master Your Next Phone Interview

phone interview tips Get the skills needed to master your next phone interview using our tips to advance to the next level to an in person meeting. Master the skills required to prevail during a phone interview using our phone interview tips and attempt to advance to the next step in the process that being an in person meeting.

Phone Interview Tips

Interviewing over the phone can still be an intimidating situation because most of the time it is intended to narrow down the candidates to determine who should move on to the next step of the interview process and meet in person. More companies are employing this method to cut down on travel costs for out-of-town applicants. Regardless, phone interviewing is important, and does differ from face-to-face interviewing. That is why being aware of these tips will have you confident and relaxed during your important phone call.
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Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

  • Preparation
    Just like any kind of interview, it is important to be prepared, but what makes this preparation so crucial is that the call can occur within a moment's notice.

    1. Find a quiet place: it is important that when you are speaking you are not interrupted by anyone or anything. Find a place where you know you will be able to talk privately without being disrupted by anyone.
    2. Remove all distractions: this includes friends and family members, pets, television, radio, or any type of object that may become a distraction while you are on the phone.
    3. Disable call-waiting: this is something that you may not have thought of, but if you are hanging on every word that a potential future employer is saying and you suddenly hear the “beep” of call-waiting, you are not going to be happy.
    4. Keep a pen and paper handy: you never know if the interviewer may say something that you must remember. If you are having a pressured conversation it is safer to write it down, then it isn't possible to forget!
    5. Keep your resume close by: keep your resume and a short list of your accomplishments in front of you just in case you are required to refer to that document or mention one of your strengths.
    6. Check your service: if you are using a cellphone check the amount of service (signal bars) that you have in the exact place that you are planning on taking the call. You don't want to get cut off mid-sentence. A wireless phone is not immune to dropouts, it may be better to use a landline if you have access to one.
    7. Practice makes perfect: have a friend or family member call you to practice with a mock phone interview meeting.
    8. Get comfortable: make sure that the place you choose is relaxing and comfortable. Also, take time to adjust the volume so that you don't have to worry about hearing the other end.
  • Interviewing Over the Phone
    After all the steps of preparation have been taken, you should feel more secure about taking the call. There are a few phone interview tips to master that you should take note of as you are actually taking the call.

    1. Speak clearly: This cannot be emphasized enough! If the other party can't hear what you are saying, then the interview meeting is pointless. Telephones are not always the clearest sounding devices so take that into account.
    2. Keep a drink close by: in the event that you cough or get a sudden “frog in your throat,” you will want to have a drink to clear it up and continue the interaction.
    3. No eating: Do not eat, chew gum, or do anything with your mouth except speak.
    4. Make it personal: encourage that you meet in person, after all that is the ultimate goal of the call.
  • Afterward
    Although this type of interview might seem unconventional, it is becoming more commonplace as travel costs increase. It is important to treat it as if you had appeared in an office and went through a typical face-to-face style interview.

    Say thank you: make sure that, like a regular meeting, you send a thank-you letter to your interviewer thanking them for their time and once again advocating that you should have the chance to meet them in person to continue the process.
These phone interview tips can minimize much of the preparation and hard work that is involved when participating in this situation. But, with this guide, your experience can be a lot easier and more professional. Having knowledge of our phone interview tips may even help you get hired provided you implement them correctly. To make writing a thank-you letter a manageable feat you are welcome to use our Thank You Letter Creator, just click the “Get Started” link.
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