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Stay Relevant During Your Job Search

stay relevant during your job search Are you between jobs and struggling in your search? To improve your chances, learn how to stay relevant during your job search, keep your skills sharp during this time. Know how to be relevant in your industry even before you are employed.

Your Job Search Can Improve if You Are Relevant

Are you out of a job and you need to stay up to date in your field? Maybe you recently graduated from college and are having trouble finding a position? Well, don't let life idly pass you by; maintain relevancy and impress colleagues with your ability to remain actively engaged in your interim period of job hunting.

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Be On Top of Your Game

  • Get the Most Out of Interviewing
    The main purpose of being interviewed is to present your abilities in the best light and to acquire the position for which you have applied. Don't get discouraged if your interviews don't land you the position. Don't let that experience go to waste. Instead, take advantage of the plentiful opportunities to learn about the industry.

    Gain knowledge, experience, and motivation from attending these interviews. You can read our job interview tips page. You can also conduct informational interviews to speak with experts and ask questions about their personal history in the field. Ask them if they know of any employment prospects. If you ask the right questions, you can learn a lot from those who have the same interests as you.

    Make these interviews happen by taking the initiative to contact people that you have worked with or met at networking events. Reaching out to others will make you stand out. Most of the time, these professionals are more than happy to help an aspiring job seeker.

    During the interviews, speak about current events in your industry or even the happenings at your contact's company. Your preparedness is an excellent way to appear relevant and informed. We have a page written about how to conduct informational interviews to assist you with this process.
  • Educate Yourself
    As mentioned previously, there should never be a moment during your job hunt where you are inactive. You should be working on something daily continually staying relevant in your job search.

    Come up with research assignments for yourself. Investigate new techniques, companies, or laws in the world of your respective industry to constantly be up to date.
  • Take On Part Time Work
    Having something presently occurring on your resume is an expected feature in the eyes of a recruiter. Even if you are required to accept part-time employment that has little relevance to your career, it demonstrates your determination.

    Additionally, attempt to obtain an internship or volunteer position in your field regardless of whether you get paid. Check out our page on how to get an internship for more information. Accruing this experience will keep you immersed in your work, preventing you from being out of touch with your professional community.
  • Convert Social Media Profiles
    Social media has become a keystone of business these days. Although you may already have accumulated a collection of media profiles, there are further actions that you should take during your job search.

    Scan through and evaluate your social profiles, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and remove any unprofessional posts, pictures, likes, and associations. Social media is no longer going to be focused on your personal life, use it as a tool for business. Include elements of your experience and education to infuse your resume into each profile.

    Never assume that because you have privacy settings that no one will ever find your profiles. You would be surprised at how easy it is to search for someone online. Set up your profiles to be presentable regardless of who will or will not see them.

    Update all of your professional profiles as well (LinkedIn) with all of your latest resume additions and achievements. Tailor your resume to fit each interview that you attend. The beauty of digitizing resumes is that they can be modified instantly and frequently. We have much more information available on social media and your resume.
It would help if you were utilizing your time during your quest for employment to take an active role in your industry's community. Doing this will help to preserve your knowledge and relevance in your field. Staying relevant in your job search necessitates that you be responsible and take matters into your own hands to help broaden and improve your experience. To get started on building your resume using our Free Resume Creator click the Start button below.
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