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Resume Education Video

From our, Resume Education Video find out which details about your training are important and which to leave off your resume. Here are many strategies to increase the relevance of your training.

How to Complete The Resume Education Section

resume education video The Education section of the Resumizer Free Resume Creator is where you will enter your education and training history. You will enter your educational history for each school you attended. To write using the chronological format you will start with your highest level of education first, then list each school in descending chronological order. Don't include your high school if you graduated from college. Also, take note of the following optimization technique when you use the chronological format. Even though you will list the schools chronologically, you will want to list your special achievements ordered by their relevance to the needs of the company. Include these special events in the “Other” box under each school.
To use a functional format, you would put the school that is most related to the position first. For a mix of these two formats, you can have a combination format that adopts features of both formats. The same as with the chronological format, when using one of these other formats, list your important events in the “Other” box.

Enter the full name of the school, followed by the city and state but don't include the street address.

Next, enter the degree or certificate you received, along with the date you either graduated or received the certificate. Write the dates in this format: Month Year. An example is shown here: Sept 2014. If you are still attending school, write the start date, then use the word “Expected” along with the intended graduation date. Writing this will show the date you expect to graduate; now it is up to you to make that happen. You don't want to look like you can't keep your commitments after you have made them. So be sure to do what you must to follow through.

In the “Other” box, list the aspects of your curriculum that are relevant to the job you want. You can also list your GPA here. Add them in a bulleted list that consists of short sentences that use 12 words or fewer. Make these facts a quick read so that they can be glanced at briefly, and the reader can absorb the information. The Free Resume Creator program will automatically format this for you by adding the bullets to each item in your list.

When you use our creator, you can sort the schools listed in your education history. Use the “Display Position” drop-down box above each school listing. Simply select a position number in descending order (1-5). This setting will enable you to choose the position of each school. You can also use this method to re-order your list of schools.

You may want to position a school that is more relevant to the job that you are applying for at the top of your list. Have you already written your resume? If you did and you decide that you want to add a new school, you can use the drop-down boxes to change the order in which they will appear very easily. Use this same procedure to move the schools to new positions.

To do this simply add the new school to the list then set the Display Position to the number of the position where you wish it to appear. Number 1 is the first, and number 5 is the last. After setting the new or changed school set the remaining schools to their new positions. Then, click the button to advance to the next section. It should be obvious that you must use each numbered position only once.

You can find more information about how to choose the format of your educational history at the address shown here:

Video for the Education Section of Your Resume

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