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Functional Resume or Chronological Resume Tutorial

Our Functional Resume or Chronological Resume tutorial can help you choose the most beneficial format depending upon your skill set, employment history and the job you are seeking. This tutorial can help you choose between a Functional resume or Chronological resume to decide which would better suit your needs. You are welcome to use Resumizer's Formatting Wizard it could also help you decide.
Functional resume or Chronological resume tutorial

Functional Resume or Chronological Resume

What is a Chronological Resume?

A Chronological Resume is the type that most people opt to use. The writer's employment history is listed in descending chronological order with the most recent job listed first. This format works well for most people provided that they don't have gaps in their employment history. It is best if the employment history they do have is relevant to the job for which they applied.

What is a Functional Resume?

The Functional Resume basically picks out the most relevant aspects of your employment history that are targeted toward the job in question. This format is useful when your employment history is not in line with the job for which you are applying. It is also good to use when you have gaps in your employment or gaps in your relevant employment that is applicable to the job you are seeking.

Which format is best for me?

Which format is best for me? That's a question you will need to answer for yourself because of the wide range of variables that need to be considered. This information about how to write a resume is presented for educational purposes. Of course, it may be a good idea to consult other resources to gain more insight. Here is some general advice to think about to help you decide your best course of action. View our Sort Order Video for info about arranging your details.

You might want to use the Chronological resume format if you are applying for a position that is the same type as the one you have been performing. It would be best if you also had consistently been in this line of work.

If you are applying for a job that is on the outer edge of your skill set, you may want to use the Functional resume format. Tailor the sections of your resume to transfer the skills that are relevant to the new position. If you have an employment history that has gaps due to a layoff or from extended leave to raise children you may also want to use a Functional resume format. Try to draw attention away from your inconsistent employment.

By evaluating your employment and education histories along with the information provided here, you will be able to determine the most productive format to use for your purposes. Make a resignation letter too.