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Resume Sort Order Video

View now to learn how to sort the information on your resume by watching our Resume Sort Order Video to optimize the information to be more relevant to the job you want. This video shows how to organize each section. Choosing the best sort order for your information can go a long way toward getting hired. Having what you have to offer presented in the most effective way may help make you look more professional than your competitors.

Choosing the Best Resume Formatting

resume sort order video When using the Resumizer Free Resume Creator the “Formatting” section will give you the freedom to decide how you want to arrange your information on your resume. With 10 options to choose from, you can change the order in which your details are displayed on your resume. Each option will organize your information with a different sorting order.

Changing the sorting order can place your relevant skills, experience, and training closer to the top of the resume. This is where you can optimize the placement of your employment history, skills, awards, experience and more to fit the job you want. Depending upon the relevance of your skill set, training, and experience, you may want to promote one or more sections more prominently over the others.
If you need to rely more heavily on your past job experience because you never had much training you can do that. If you are fresh out of school and don't have much to offer in the way of a job history your education can be pushed toward the top. You will need to determine your strengths and weaknesses and make the best of what you have. Learn about what the company posting the job is looking for and try to fulfill that need with your skill set. Organize your info to best fit that need. You can always try to build your value with additional training and experience. Organizing your info with a compatible sort order may help reach that end.

On the Sort Order page, there are examples provided that will show you how the sections are ordered for each choice. Evaluate the examples, bear in mind that if you leave an entry empty it won't be shown on your page. With this knowledge you can choose the example that best addresses your needs, remembering which entries you will use and which you will keep blank. Of course, you can change the sort order at any point in the development process.

After you complete your resume, you may want to experiment with different sorting orders to fine-tune your resume. Switching between the different selections will change the arrangement of your info. You may find that you end up with a different choice than you first selected.

We have two articles which go into further detail about how to choose a sorting order. Should you use a functional resume, chronological resume, or combination resume? They can be found at the addresses shown here. In the next video I will talk about the contact information you should include on your resume.

Resume Sort Order (Formatting) Video

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