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Social Media Links On Your Resume

social media links on your resume Putting social media links on your resume is becoming more prevalent as social media is now commonplace in our lives. At times, employers have asked to see an applicant's social media profile. They can get a better idea of what kind of person you are by viewing your profile. Most people today have an online profile; job seekers are thinking about how to use it to help themselves get a job.

The days of putting up every event that occurs in your life are over. You shouldn't post anything online that you wouldn't do with your boss in the room. This statement refers to pictures or videos of you performing questionable acts, inflammatory comments about past companies and coworkers, or other socially unacceptable behavior.

In the following paragraphs, you will find more in-depth information and examples of things you might want to think twice about before posting online. If you are aware of a problem, it will be much easier for you to correct it or avoid it!
Do You Need Social Media Links On Your Resume?

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Should You Include Social Media Links On Your Resume?

Here Are 5 Points to Consider:
  1. Should I Link to My Profile?
    If you do choose to link to your profile, determine whether it will harm your chances of getting a job or help you. When you link to your profile, it becomes an extension of your resume.

    Is what you have posted appropriate for a business environment? Is your profile relevant to your career or the job, or is it a personal page that will add nothing of value?
  2. Be Consistent
    Make sure your name and other information are consistent with what you write on your resume. Including any hyphens in your name or a name change from a marriage.

    Are the relevant dates you have on your profile and timeline the same as they are on your resume? Can someone look at the dates you wrote and find a discrepancy?

    This diligence applies to any additional details you have included. Are there any conflicts? If an employer notices a conflict in any dates or details you included, it will make you appear less credible.

    This idea of consistency also applies to your profile photo and resume photo if you use one.
  3. Proper Grammar and Spelling
    It is important that your grammar and spelling are correct even on your profile. It shows that you have an education and you take pride in your work.
  4. Be Up Front
    Since employers often search for applicants profiles, putting social media links on your resume can demonstrate a willingness to be forthcoming and upfront.
  5. Is it Current?
    Are your profile and timeline current? It would be best to link to the site that you update most frequently so that it doesn't look outdated and irrelevant. Make sure it is as updated as the information on your resume.
How to Optimize Your Profile:
  • Clean Up Your Profile
    You will want your profile and timeline to shed a positive light on you. If there is anything inappropriate or negative, you may want to consider removing it. Employers search social sites for applicant's profiles; they will most likely find it even if you don't link to it. When considering hiring an applicant, employers take into consideration all the facts at hand.
  • Use Relevant Keywords
    Try to incorporate keywords that are relevant to your industry and to the job you want to acquire. The article from our help section about keyword optimization will explain in more detail how to use this strategy.
  • Create Relevant Posts
    Create posts that are relevant to your field. This will show you stay current in your industry and you could bring new, cutting edge skills to the workplace.
  • When you find yourself in need of knowing how to prepare yourself for an interview, there is an article in our help section offering job interview tips.