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Why Resume Spelling and Grammar Are So Important

resume spelling and grammar are so important You spend ample time working on your portfolio, print it out on special paper, and get ready to go to that job interview. Now, wait, what's that? Right on the front of your resume, a small typo? It's only a small error, probably insignificant right? Wrong! A large percentage of recruiters said that they would turn down an applicant due to a typo on their portfolio. The real reason why resume spelling and grammar are so important is that you want to present yourself in a manner that focuses on your career strengths while downplaying your weaknesses. Be sure that you always spell your words correctly; it's an easy way to make yourself look focused and accurate. With modern technology, it isn't as much of a problem, you simply click a button, and your words are spell checked for you automatically. Don't be the one that got away because you're feeling lazy today!

Don't make resume spelling and grammar mistakes.

Before the advent of computers, you would have to look up words in a dictionary (ancient technology, right?) which could be time-consuming if you weren't sure how to spell the word. To explain how this worked to the Millennials out there. You would open the dictionary and look where you thought the word would be, then scan up or down the page to find it. If you were way off from where you thought the word was, the process was even more troublesome. You would have to flip through the pages until you found it.

This procedure may sound like an inefficient way to check your words, and it was. At the time, that's all there was. Next, if you were trying to check your grammar? Forget about it! You couldn't check that unless you truly knew what you were doing. There were no buttons to click to run an automatic grammar check. Today it is so simple to eliminate two of the most common mistakes people make.

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What does improper spelling and grammar mean to an employer?

  • Lack of Education
    Employers believe that a properly educated person would know how to correctly spell words or know how to find the correct spelling. This belief also applies to proper grammar and correct sentence structure. One of the first methods you have to introduce yourself is through your resume and cover letter.

    You want to come across as intelligent and competent, and guess what? A correctly constructed document can help make that happen! We offer thorough help with the writing and construction of resumes, cover letters and more. Employers want to hire the best and the brightest they can find at the wage they are willing to pay.
  • Lack of Care
    It may not seem like it, but writing a resume and cover letter is important and life-changing. A reasonably competent person would make sure everything was correct. That person would want to display care, diligence and attention to detail by using correctly spelled words and proper grammar. These are all valuable traits that employers look for in an employee.
  • Lack of Technological Sophistication
    It is as simple as a click of a button to spell check and grammar check your documents. There is no excuse to have errors on your resume, cover letter, or any other business correspondence.

    resume spelling and grammar If you find yourself in the position of lacking these technological devices or technological know-how, there are several solutions for you. You can find access to a computer at a library, from a friend or family member or at school.

    Whatever the reason for the failure, an employer doesn't care. That company is going to put a negative strike against you when it could have been your opportunity to excel. If others make these mistakes and you don't, then you will be one up on them. You can learn to check it manually or find someone else to help you who knows how. Resumizer has free creator programs that have built-in checkers to assist you in your writing processes.

Double-check your resume spelling and grammar.

Although this is a fundamental and obvious topic, it is surprising how many people still make these mistakes. You would think that because spelling and grammar errors are such easy mistakes to avoid that they wouldn't occur, but they do!

You don't need to be one who has these problems. Double-check everything that you write and possibly ask a friend or family member to double-check it for you too. It never hurts to have another set of eyes look it over. With the knowledge of why resume spelling and grammar are so important, you may need some additional help with creating your resume. You can find that help through clicking the button here:
why resume spelling and grammar are so important