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How to Write a Cover Letter

how to write a cover letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter made easy by using the help we have put together for you to give you what you need to format, write and optimize your cover letter for your specific job and industry. The importance of how to write a cover letter cannot be understated it is your introduction to your resume that you can optimize to strengthen your overall resume package.
How to Write a Cover Letter Writing Help and Tips

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How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Format
  • Use quality, letter size paper.
  • Use paper that is light colored. Stores sell resume paper usually in 24# or 32# weights with envelopes. Use the same paper for your resume, cover letter and reference page.
  • Use common, simple to read fonts that are without shadows and outlines. If they electronically scan your letter, the program that reads it will have more difficulty interpreting the characters. Consult our resume fonts page for more details about font selection. Our free cover letter creator program uses easy to read fonts for best results.
  • Use an easy to read font color that is dark and contrasting to the color paper you have chosen. Dark blue or black are common choices.
  • Keep the fancy stuff to a minimum, you want the employer to focus on your job skills not your decorating choices.
  • Use single spaces within the body section.
  • The margins are set to one inch on all sides.
  • Keep your letter to one page in length, get to the point and keep it short.
  • Create your letter with your mobile, smartphone or tablet.
Letter Sections
  • Contact Information
    This is your name, street address, telephone number and email address where the employer can contact you for an interview. Use your full name, your complete mailing address, a telephone number including the area code, and a mature sounding email address. Not an address like partydude@email.com, something using your name like johndoe@email.com or something relevant to your field. Leave a blank line.
  • Date
    Enter today's date and put a blank line below it.
  • Company Name and Address
    Write the full name of the employer and their job title along with the complete name and address of the company you are applying to. Leave a blank line.
  • Salutation
    Find out the name of the person to whom you would interview with. In their mind if you can't find that bit of info what else are you unable to do. Call the company's main number or look online to find the name of this person. If you can't find out then write “Dear Sir or Madame” or “To Whom It May Concern” but that would be the last resort. Leave a blank line.
  • Letter Body
    You will want to write brief paragraphs about your qualifications and how you would be an asset to the company. You can use this section to optimize your training and skills to fit the job. We provide free cover letter templates where you can simply plug-in your details and use as-is or rework them to be more personalized. Take a look at our templates as a better example of what to do. Be sure to use action verbs in your writing to further optimize your training and skills for the job.

    The conclusion is included in this section in our creator program. In your last paragraph thank them for considering you and include a summary of what you wrote in the first part of the body. It is your opportunity to restate how you would benefit their organization.
  • Closing
    This is your ending after the body, there is one blank line between the body and closing line. Our templates include this for you already correctly formatted. Examples such as “Sincerely” or “Respectfully” only capitalize the first word and put a comma at the end.
  • Signature
    Type your name four lines below the closing line. This will leave room for you to sign your name with a pen in blue or black ink. Sign your name between the closing line and the line you typed your name.
For your interview we can give you some job interview tips and 10 Common Mistakes. To help make the whole process quicker and easier to do just use our free cover letter creator where most of the work is done for you automatically. Press the button below to start!
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