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Cover Letter Writing Video

A great resource like our cover letter writing video explains the steps needed to write an effective cover letter. We discuss the parts, formatting, and ways to optimize it for the job you desire.

What to Write in Your Cover Letter

cover letter writing video While writing you will be better equipped to concentrate on the important details that are necessary to include by understanding the construction and format. It is here that you need to capture your future employer's attention. We show you how to make the most of the skills and training that you have acquired. Therefore, increasing your chances to get a job interview.

The various parts of your cover letter need to be optimized to shine a spotlight on your best attributes. We will talk about the templates we offer and how you can adapt them to your job and profession. The help provided in this cover letter writing video can bring you closer to achieving a successful end result.
The parts discussed:

Contact Information: Using correctly spelled contact information is a must. The same as correct spelling is everything else you write here. Put an email address on there too since most communications these days are via email. If the email address you currently have is old from when you were a child get yourself a new email address. If you can get one with your name in it that would be great.

Company Information: Perform a search on the company to learn about their products and services, their mission and staff. Be educated about the business so you can incorporate your abilities with the company's goals to more align yourself with their needs. With this knowledge, you can increase your perceived value in the mind of the employer. Do your due diligence on any company to which you choose to apply. The better informed you are about the company, the more easily it will be for you to optimize your writing to the job.

Salutation: The salutation is the greeting you offer to the reader. Make it a point to find out the name of the person to whom you are sending this. Call the company and ask for the person's name. Make all efforts to spell it correctly. It will show that you have taken the time and made an effort to get it right, which can translate to you probably doing your job correctly too. This page is one of the first impressions you will make.

Body: This part is where most of what you write will reside. The body is broken down into its three sections, and we describe each of them here.
  1. Introduction:
    The beginning paragraph is where you will begin to talk about why you are going to be so great for this job. Include a detail or two, but briefly touch on them. This detail can consist of one paragraph, hook them and reel them in during the next two paragraphs.
  2. Main Body:
    This paragraph is where the action occurs, here you will go into more depth about why you are so perfectly suited to the position without making it obvious that you are doing that. Use facts and examples of your successes and accomplishments.
  3. Closing:
    Here is where you have a final chance to sell them. Wrap up loose ends to your sales pitch and begin to mention something that will entice them to want to read your resume.
Closing Line: This line resides at the bottom above where you put “Sincerely” or “Respectfully” before you sign it.

Signature: Finally, add your signature using a pen with blue or black ink.

After you develop the basic draft, you can then move on to other improvements such as targeting your words and optimizing what you wrote. Here is the next step to take to get the best results. Using a generically written document can give the impression that you didn't take the time to research the job. Make the appropriate changes to more closely match yourself to the position.

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