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Cover Letter Optimization Strategies

cover letter optimization Use our Cover Letter Optimization Strategies to give your job application efforts a boost, this may be just what you need to tip the scales in your favor to get hired for the job.

Optimize Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter when written well may give you the edge that you are looking for. You spent so much time tweaking and fine-tuning your resume that you may have forgotten that this other accompanying page can reinforce the points you made on your resume or introduce new ones.

You can set the stage for new facts to be known by introducing those new facts on this page then delving into them further, driving them home on your resume. This article offers some strategies that may be useful to you to give you other points to consider so you can decide whether you want to incorporate them into your writing.
Strategies to Optimize Your Writing

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Easy to Add Cover Letter Optimizations

When job hunting we all want to be on top of our game, it all starts with applying for a job. This guide can give you some pointers to help you achieve that end. You can decide for yourself if these strategies can bring you closer to your goal of landing a good job. You may find that implementing even one of these strategies might be enough to push you past the line toward success. Getting hired is dependent upon your ability to demonstrate that you can fulfill the employer's wants and needs.
  • Strategy 1: Target the Job
    Don't use a generic cover letter for every job that you apply for. Don't be lazy using the same page for each place you apply to. It takes work and the amount of effort you put into it can make a difference. Do some research into the position you are applying for and pick out keywords and phrases that are relevant to the position. Work these keywords and phrases into the body of your letter to make it apparent to the employer that you “know the lingo” and you are familiar with the various aspects of the position.
  • Strategy 2: Spell Everything Correctly
    For some reason people don't double-check their spelling. They also make grammar mistakes, for example they use incorrect forms of some words like: their and there. You want your future boss to think you have at least some education so spell your words correctly. An easy way to make yourself look careless and uneducated is to have spelling mistakes and poor sentence structure. Take your time and verify that what you write is done properly.
  • Strategy 3: Who Are You Sending This To?
    Make the effort and find out who this should be addressed to. If the employer sees a generic greeting they are going to think that you couldn't even bother to find out the name of the person you are writing to. This opens the door to the thought that you probably won't be thorough in your work either.
  • Strategy 4: Make Powerful Statements
    Use action verbs in your sentences along with keywords related to the job. Don't just write for the sake of filling the page, make what you write convey what you have to offer the company by way of your skills and abilities. Putting action verbs in there can increase the perceived importance of your potential contributions. Include examples and facts about important accomplishments and goals you have met during your career.
  • Strategy 5: It Starts at the Top
    If it is important it gets put toward the top of the page. If we assume that this document will just be skimmed through as most are, then we want the most important points to be read. If we put them at the top we have a better chance that they will be seen.
  • Strategy 6: Inconsistent Details
    Make sure that what you write on your cover letter correlates to what you wrote on your resume and the job application form. You don't want your details to raise any red flags that could compromise your hiring. Carefully go over all these documents to make sure everything lines up as far as what you wrote about your education and employment. If you have different facts on these three documents your credibility will be in question.
These cover letter optimization strategies are common issues that people tend to overlook. Being thorough when you write can set you apart from others who weren't as careful as they could have been. Sometimes all it takes is one simple thing to tip the scales in your favor. We hope that the strategies presented here can do that for you. If you need help writing use our templates or try our creator program by clicking the Start button here:
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