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Resume Cover Page

resume cover page Writing a resume cover page doesn't need to be as complicated as you may think. Even though this is an essential document, you don't need to feel as though you are unable to write one.

Showcase Your Skills With a Resume Cover Page

A cover page is another less common name for a cover letter. It is important to write your resume cover page well since you will submit it along with your resume. When well written this document can be used to introduce and reinforce important details on which you wish to focus. As the hiring manager reads your cover page, your goal is to make the information presented readily available and have it stand out so the reader will absorb your points. You don't want it to get thrown into the trash or deleted from their computer. Put some time into it, think it through to create a quality document that will get you an interview.

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Use Strategy on Your Resume Cover Page

Here are several important tips that can help you write yours. Of course, we have a Free Cover Letter Creator app that you can use online if you would like to simplify the process and give yourself a step-by-step method to create it.

  • Page Layout
    Use the customary one-inch margins, with plain fonts that are 12pt (12px-14px) in size and blue or black in color. If printing use 24# or 32# light colored paper. We provide more information about the specifics of the layout and formatting in our how to write a cover letter guide. Our creator program does this automatically during the creation process.
  • Keep It Short, But Concise
    Please don't make it too long. This page isn't a dissertation but a summary. If it is too long, the reader will lose interest because it is taking too long to glean the information. You will generally have three paragraphs as listed here.

    1. Introduction: mention your points …
    2. Body: go into more depth …
    3. Closing: reiterate your points …
  • Focus Your Thoughts
    Decide what you are trying to portray to the employer. When they are finished reading, what do you want them to take away from it?
  • Introduce Important Details
    This document is the place where you can bring up details you wish to make known. You can touch on them here then go into more detail on your resume. You can also mention tidbits of facts to entice them to read the rest of the documents you have supplied.
  • Optimization
    You will want to build in various cover letter optimization strategies as you progress. Incorporating action verbs and keywords into your paragraphs is a good place to begin. With the short amount of time the reader will spend trying to determine if you are the correct person for the position, it is crucial that you make every word count.

    Strategically position the words in each sentence. Place the sentences within the paragraphs in an arrangement that will facilitate the reader's ability to acquire the keywords that you deem important. Find out more about cover letter optimization and the strategies you can use to accomplish this goal.
  • Templates
    If after reading this you still find that you don't know how to do this, it's OK because we have free templates that you are welcome to use. You can copy what we have already laid out and substitute your info for ours. They are diverse templates that are designed to fit different jobs, you can view our templates here.

    Another way to write this is to take pieces from one or two templates and put them together to create a new document. You can also add in your lines that you have optimized to your specific job. Finally, there is always our creator to be used in a step-by-step fashion to build it. Click the “START” button below to go that route. No, there is no cost to use our creator.
As this article shows, writing a resume cover page isn't as complicated as you may have thought initially. Though it is still nice to get some help to expedite the creation of this vital document, click the Start button here to begin using our creator. You can choose any of our templates and build upon our preconstructed letters to make this procedure a whole lot easier.
resume cover page