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Reference Page Writing Video

View how to compose and layout your reference page with our Reference Page Writing Video. Build the page so the employer can easily get your references contributing to a smooth interview.

Writing a Reference Page

reference page writing video If you can deliver a document that can add to a successful interview, it may demonstrate your efficiency and preparedness to the interviewer. Having the information needed to effectively put together a nicely formatted reference page can be obtained by watching our reference page writing video. You will be better equipped to concentrate on the important details that are necessary to include while writing by understanding the construction and formatting process.

Providing the interviewer with a list of your references should be something you do with the piece of mind in knowing there will be no problems with the references being read. We show you how to make a page that is neat and orderly therefore increasing your chances to get a job interview.
The various elements that comprise your reference page are listed so you know what each element is. The help provided in this reference page writing video can explain how to format your page so your references are presented in a neat, polished manner. You could also try our free reference page creator.

The elements to include:
  1. Your Contact Information: This would consist of your full name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and email address.
  2. Each Contacts' Information: We need to put down the person's full name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and email address. Follow the same format as was used for your contact info.
  3. Each Contacts' Position: To add credibility to your referral it is more valuable to have the contact person be in the same field as yourself. A past employer who has good things to say about you is what you want.
  4. Each Contacts' Company: The company where the person works. It's better if it is a high-level company in your field, it provides more clout.
  5. Each Contacts' Company Address: The mailing address of the person's company.
  6. Each Contacts' Telephone: The telephone number for the contact.
  7. Each Contacts' Email: Enter the contact's email address so the employer can email them to ask questions about you.
Some articles that can be helpful when constructing these documents:

Reference Page Writing Video

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Watching a task being performed can give a greater explanation of the proper way to complete that task. You may have read all of our guides but still have questions about writing this document. Here you can visualize the process of how it is done with a person describing the procedure instead of interpreting it from a written tutorial. If you do end up being confused about making this page you have this resource to fall back on. Or just cut to the chase and watch it at the start and move on from there. And remember our free creator program is always here if you need it!