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How to Use Facebook for Your Job Search

how to use Facebook for your job search Do you know how to use Facebook for your job search? Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are popular tools to use for the advancement of your career. It is so convenient that networking as well as job searching can be conducted almost entirely online. There are many approaches that you can take to improve your efforts, especially through the use of Facebook.

Improve Your Job Search Using Facebook

Social networking previously was thought of as a toy used amongst teenagers to talk and share media with their friends. The networking sites are evolving into tools that can be shaped for business purposes, as well as for professional networking.

Using Facebook for your job search may seem confusing especially if you are unfamiliar with the site. However, you will find that after having some recommendations and a few ideas come your way, you can be up and running in no time. You will be connecting with others via social networking to jump-start the exploration process.

Career Help Center

Learn How to Search for Jobs With Facebook

The suggestions listed below are intended to help individuals with the process of searching for employment. Once you have found a position, you can read about ways to contact and successfully land an interview with a professional or company. You can try these suggestions to see which ones will work for you. These methods may not fit all situations.
  • Clean Up or Create Your Profile
    The first step you must address before you begin any part of your quest is the appearance of your profile. If you have a profile page, make sure that you go through all of your pictures, videos, postings, and pages liked to remove any potentially offensive materials.

    Even if the material doesn't seem that bad on your page, if you question it at all, it's safer to remove it. It is common for topics such as drugs, alcohol, or discriminatory jokes to be seen on these pages. If you are using your profile as a landing page for your professional portfolio, then you had better be sure that absolutely nothing offensive comes up.

    Your page is no longer for your enjoyment. It is no longer a toy, as mentioned previously. It will now be for business purposes only to better your career.

    Another case that may come up is creating a profile as a new user. A new profile is so much easier to clean up an existing profile. Select a professional headshot as your profile picture, and fill in the information on your page as you would an employment application or resume.
  • Network the Day Away
    The site was designed to enable individuals to network, so use it for that purpose! Go through the pages of companies that you are interested in working for and like them. That way, all the information that those companies provide will be posted automatically to your news feed. Getting this information in your news feed will practically do all this work for you!

    Seek out important individuals in your field to see if they have public figure pages. If so, like those pages. Send them a message explaining how you admire their work and appreciate their importance in the field.

    This social networking site is also great to connect with colleagues to build up your networking contacts. That way if you need a reference or advice on something in the future, you haven't lost touch with past coworkers.
  • Notify Others of Your Situation
    Facebook has a specific method for you to notify others of news about what's happening in your career. Status updates can include links, text, photos, and video. What a great way for you to alert businesses and other interested parties about that which you are searching.

    Use status updates to specifically explain what kind of position you are searching for and the qualifications that you hold. Appear to be present and relevant by continuing to post status updates, changing the wording of course. Without constant reminders, people often forget about the things you want them to know.
  • Get Involved in Marketplace
    Facebook has a section of its site called Marketplace. Marketplace uses location services to find people's positions and items that they are buying and selling in your area. From vehicles to job postings, you can find most anything there.

    Additionally, you can get noticed by purchasing advertising space on their site. You would be posting an ad for your skills and abilities and letting interested parties know that you are available and ready to be hired. This method requires funding, but it is another strategy.
Now that you have read about how to use Facebook for your job search, you can use these strategies to help you to network. Using methods such as these during your job search is no longer cutting edge because it is becoming a common element of the hunt. While not every method suggested may help you land a job interview. The strategies are certainly worth a try, especially because you can do all this from your living room.