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How to Choose References for a Job Interview

how to choose references for a job interview As you apply for jobs and go through the interview process you will need to know how to choose references for a job interview that will represent you well. They can define how likely you are to acquire a position. You want to be selective and think very hard before you choose someone as your reference.

How to Choose Job Interview References

Offered here is some info regarding how and who you should select to represent you as a reference. Your choice must be someone who is reliable and thinks highly of you, but will not just focus on mindless praise when speaking about you.

A good reference will explain your previous struggles and projects that you had worked on and how you had worked your way through them to become the more successful and experienced professional that you came to be today.

An important thing to note before you begin listing names is that you must contact them first and be certain that they would be willing to talk about you. You can't just spring this on them one day when the company interested in you gives them a call.

Also, you must make sure that all the information that you have on them is still correct. If this is someone from your past that you do not keep in contact with, make sure that all of their contact information as well as their job title and company name are up-to-date. If not you may have a bit of a challenge on your hands trying to track them down. The same thing would happen for the employer except instead of just being inconvenienced they would think of you as careless to let such an important detail go unchecked.
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How Do I Choose References for a Job Interview?

If you have a lot of contacts in mind and a large network of people that is great, most people would be very jealous of that problem. However you need to know how to narrow them down to the best resume references that you can possibly use to further entice a recruiter to hire you.
  • Appropriate Field Experience
    If you are in a particular field of study that requires that you have an extensive knowledge of your subject material and an impressive background, think about any mentors that you may have gained in the past. Mentors are great references because most of the time they are considered experts at what they do, after all they spend their time teaching you what you know. Learn more about mentors and see how they are beneficial in more than one circumstance.
  • Friends
    Listing your friends as a reference is not always a bad thing, especially if they are a relevant professional. Even if you have not worked with your friend they still most likely know you very well and can speak to your character traits. You should choose a friend when you want a hiring manager to try to connect with you on a more personal level. If you are attempting to get a job where people skills and relationships are important elements, then your friend can speak very appropriately about those traits.
  • Previous Employers
    This option is most commonly thought of when deciding which person to select. Old bosses are great contacts to have because they tend to be in higher positions in the industry and can explain everything about your work ethic, previous growth and progress in your career. You should choose a previous employer if you feel that you need to demonstrate your professional worth and ambition to a hiring manager.
  • Colleagues
    Many people forget that your coworkers have the right to be selected as well. Similar to previous employers, these individuals know you on both a personal and professional level and have worked alongside you to get a strong sense of how well you play with others and get things done. You can pick a colleague if you would like your problem solving and leadership skills to stand out in an interview.
  • After You Choose
    After you have sifted through your contacts and have decided which would be the most effective, make sure you thank them several times throughout the process for taking their time to talk about you. Without them you wouldn't be able to complete the interview process and get the position. Send them thank you emails, or if you are on more of a personal level with them give them a phone call to express your gratitude.
How to choose references for a job interview is a careful process involving much thought and purpose. After much consideration and consulting the information in this article, hopefully you are more consciously able to select which type of reference is the right one to represent you. Once you compile your list of names you can write your page for free using our program, simply click the button here:
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