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Job Interview Questions: What to Expect and How to Answer

job interview questions What to expect and how to answer job interview questions. Arrive at an interview prepared with a working knowledge of the different types of commonly asked questions and your prearranged answers. Also, learn what is and what isn't appropriate to ask the interviewer during this time.

How to Answer Job Interview Questions and What to Expect

Interviews consist of asking questions from both sides of the desk. There are three types of questions that generally get asked. The first type is the common questions that you expect. They are conventional in nature. The second type is the more challenging questions that are meant to put the applicant on the spot. Lastly, come the questions asked by you.

Poorly constructed answers can be detrimental to the acquisition of a job. It is imperative to present yourself in an intelligent and informed manner, regardless of who is asking the questions. Each facet of the interview process will help advance your professional career.

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What to Expect and How to Answer Job Interview Questions

Common Questions to Expect
There are several types of questions that participants will present in an interview: personal or straightforward, hypothetical, and skill or knowledge questions. Approach each kind from a different angle.

  • What is asked: Tell me about yourself.
  • How to answer: Are you capable of doing the work? How are you qualified to take on this job position? Are you motivated? What characteristics do you possess to demonstrate that? Can you work well with others? What team skills do you harbor?
  • What is asked: Explain how you solve problems.
  • How to answer: Recall an actual example in any work or volunteer experience and tell a story that illuminates your problem-solving skills.
  • What is asked: What are your weaknesses?
  • How to answer: Try to sell yourself no matter what. Shed a positive light on something that you consider a weakness. Perhaps you work too hard and neglect to provide yourself with time off from work? More info on how to talk about your weaknesses.
  • What is asked: Would you rather work on a project alone or in a group setting?
  • How to answer: You could go either way with this, don't rule out one or the other. Explain that working with team members is something that you enjoy. However, you are, of course, more than capable of handling a project independently.
  • What is asked: Tell me, what is your dream job?
  • How to answer: As far as the employer is concerned, your dream job is at their company. However, feel free to state a job title higher than the one for which you are being interviewed. A title that you could move up to when you get more experience.
  • What is asked: What will your supervisor say when you give your notice at your current job?
  • How to answer: Be sure to provide reasons why boss at your previous job will miss you. Describe yourself as an asset to that company, but don't show arrogance. Also, don't forget to mention that you will respectfully give your two weeks' notice.
  • What is asked: What do you know about this company?
  • How to answer: Make sure that you have researched the company thoroughly before going to the interview. Know their projects and major clients and speak of specific statistics.
  • What is asked: Convince me that you are the best candidate for this job.
  • How to answer: Include words about your investment in their company. Explain your qualifications and incredible characteristics that make you a perfect fit for not only the company but the job title that you will hold.
  • What is asked: Have you ever had a manager that you didn't like?
  • How to Answer: Explain that, like all people, you have had disagreements with your previous employer, but overall, you worked well together and learned a lot from working with them.
Now Ask the Interviewer Questions
Asking your potential employer questions during an interview is imperative. Asking presents yourself to be a confident and eager employee. Topics that are appropriate to ask about at this time include future promotion opportunities in the company, job responsibilities, and specifics about company procedures. Remember that you should know about the company's progress and recent success stories. Do not ask about any topics that you should have researched before the interview.

After reading this article, Job Interview Questions What to Expect and How to Answer, you now have a sense of what to expect and what to do at a job interview. It would help if you practiced answering variations of these sample questions to be more prepared for the real thing. Coming into an interview, feeling prepared will boost your confidence and only help you in your job search! Don't forget about the need to send a thank you letter within 24 hours of your meeting. You might also be interested in our job interview tips.