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Should I Keep My Job or Get a New One?

should I keep my job? The question you ask yourself all the time is, “Should I Keep My Job?” You want to leave your job and work somewhere else, but the familiarity and security you enjoy makes you stay.

How Do I Know If I Should Keep My Job? Find Out Now!

If this is the way you feel, then maybe it's time to seek employment elsewhere or maybe you can do things to try to make your current position better. Time will tell. Some fields have a more plentiful supply of jobs available while other fields don't. If you work in one of the fields where jobs are less plentiful maybe if you had a better situation, you would be happier.

The only way to find out is to try. At some companies, there is no flexibility; it is their way or the highway. Other companies may show more compassion as they may be more willing to compromise with employees to make work conditions more favorable. If you work at a place like this, then great, if not maybe you should think about moving on.

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How Can I Make My Job Better?

Now we come back to the main question. Should I keep my job? You will have to answer that for yourself, but we offer some suggestions for possible ways to make your work environment more tolerable.

  • What Exactly Is the Problem?
    What aspects of your position do you dislike? Is it the job or something else going on in your life that makes you lash out? Answering this question may not only help make your work situation better but may improve your outlook in other areas of your life too.
  • Are You Burned Out?
    You aren't the first person to be burned out from their job. With all the bills we have to pay, and all the future financial obligations we have many of us are overworked. We are trying to maintain a decent standard of living. If you are burned out and have some paid time off (PTO) available possibly use some of it to get away from your work for a little, even if it is to stay home, to rest up and take a break.
  • Do You Feel Lost?
    Do you feel like you are off-track and have lost your way? Don't despair, everyone has felt like that at some point, and as time progresses, this feeling will dissipate. Talk to your spouse or friends about it, read a self-help book, and do some soul-searching to discover what is missing in your life and why you feel this way. Each person is different, and each of us has their wants and needs, discover what yours are. Once you straighten this out, other areas of your life that are also problematic may fall into place.
  • Is It Time to Talk to the Boss?
    This option is a delicate area since you are the only one who knows what is appropriate at your workplace. Create a list of areas you would like to improve in your work environment. Please discuss this with your boss when it is appropriate; some things may change for the better, be tactful in your approach.

    Talking with your boss could be a suggestion that can do more harm than good, so think about this one carefully before you speak with them. Your boss may get annoyed at your complaints, putting you on their bad side.
  • You Are Tired of Your Field?
    If you have been working at your job for a long time? Do you want to do something else? Determine what that would be and what you need to do to get there. Do you need more education, a degree? Can you transfer your existing skills to a new career? Many people start new careers after being in their existing one for years either by choice or necessity.
These are some suggestions to help you answer the question, “Should I keep my job?” You are the only one who can best answer that, but by getting input from family, friends, and coworkers, you can get different perspectives to make a more informed decision. If you hate where you work that much maybe you could start your own business, read about how to become an entrepreneur.