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Stress at Work Causes and Solutions

stress at work You need to earn an income, but the daily grind is getting more and more difficult to handle, stress at work can be hard to deal with. To work on what is making you feel this way can help you feel better.

Do You Have Stress at Work?

As each day comes and goes most people perform the same job duties and interact with the same coworkers every day. At times with all the pressures placed on us from our boss, our family members and life in general it would be nice not to have to stress out over things especially at work.

What are we going to do? We need the money to pay our bills and it can be difficult to find another job. Then, the stress at work spills over from our professional life into our personal life affecting that area of our lives too.
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Dealing With Stress at Work

Disclaimer: We are not doctors nor do we have any medical training, but we have found techniques and philosophies that help us so this is just a list of what has worked for us. Contact your own health professional for advice specific to your needs before implementing this information.
  • Talk About It
    If appropriate talk to the person or people who are creating the problem. There may be circumstances where this may not be the right move since you know the people involved you will have to gauge whether your comments will be well-received.
  • While at Work
    Try to realize that this will not be a permanent situation. At some point a new job or opportunity may come up that you can take advantage of. Nothing, including the stock market goes up all the time, there will be lows at times. What you can try to do is to learn what you can from the low points, then use what you learned in the future.
  • Caffeine
    Try to cut down or eliminate caffeine from coffee, soda, energy drinks, even chocolate. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through the body may be amplified by the caffeine.
  • Smoking
    Nicotine is a stimulant too which may have effects similar to caffeine. On a side note smoking is not good for us anyway.
  • Helplessness
    Feeling out of control and fearful because you are unable to shape your future is something most of us have felt at least once in our lives. A solution is education, not having the knowledge of what to do next or how to handle the situation that is giving you the stress can be reduced by learning what to do.

    You may not be able to learn every aspect of how to handle the problem, but if you are able to learn something that can point you in the right direction, you will have something to build on.

    As you conquer each small piece of the problem you will feel empowered and the severity of the problem can be reduced. The goal is to at least make the problem manageable until you can figure out a better long-term solution.
  • Sleeplessness
    It is no picnic when you are stressed out, to lay in bed at night thinking about everything that is going wrong. It gets even worse as the night goes by when you know you have to get up to go to your job in a few hours.

    Our hope is that as time goes on by finding your way this will subside. Possibly a doctor might prescribe something or teach you relaxation techniques to help with this.
  • Be Positive
    You are not benefiting from being negative so why not try being positive. It doesn't cost anything and it might actually help. People say to visualize what you want to “program” yourself to attain your goals.
  • Develop a Plan
    Come up with a plan with steps to get yourself back on track. Tackle one small step at a time so the task doesn't seem so daunting.
  • Believe in Yourself
    Have faith in yourself that you can improve your situation. If you try to solve the problem, but you don't know how, speak to people to get some tips and help.
There is no quick answer for how to reduce your stress at work. As you speak about the problem, cut out the caffeine and nicotine, educate and empower yourself and just relax, you will begin to discover that the low points will eventually blow over and get better. Maybe a job or career change is something to consider. Follow the link for more help with job related topics.