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Top 8 Reasons for Getting Fired

top reasons for getting fired It can happen to you without warning; the top reasons for getting fired can include anything from company downsizing to poor job performance. Know what to watch out for, so you aren't let go.

Avoid These Eight Reasons for Getting Fired

These days it can be difficult to get a job because so many people are staying at their present jobs even though they may not be happy working there. They can't afford to be without the income, so they stay there even though they don't like it. Who can blame them? While they want to get out of there and find something better, they also don't want to lose their jobs until they decide it's time to do so.

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Eight Reasons You Will Get Fired

This list of the top 8 reasons for getting fired can be used as a measuring stick to compare your work behaviors against those that populate this list. Do you find yourself exhibiting any of these behaviors? If you do, you may want to re-evaluate how you act at work before anyone notices.

  1. Downsizing
    Unfortunately, there are times when you can be a model employee doing the best job possible, and they will still let you go. To cut costs, companies large and small let people go to reduce their labor force and the accompanying costs. This tactic is quite common during a merger where redundant positions exist. Although it is horrible to lose a job, in the US at least, one can apply for unemployment benefits. The compensation doesn't amount to much, but it is better than nothing, especially when your unemployment was an unexpected event.
  2. Being Late
    Bosses don't like it when employees are late. It shows respect to your employer when you have an appointment, such as a start time at work, and you arrive there on time. Nobody likes to be kept waiting; the other person's time is as valuable as yours. Some businesses have a policy where if you are late three times, they will let you go. This policy is a good reason for you to make sure your alarm clock is working.
  3. Poor Performance
    This one is a no-brainer; if you don't do your job properly, it is no surprise they will fire you. Poor performance includes sleeping on the job when you are supposed to be working. No one is going to pay for something that is not giving them value for their money, employees included.
  4. Addictive Behaviors
    It should be no surprise behaviors such as these would put your positive employment status in jeopardy. Showing up to work with an altered mental state is grounds for dismissal for many organizations.
  5. Harassing Others
    This negative behavior is one of the top reasons for getting fired, which is of major concern. Please don't engage in inappropriate interactions of any kind with your coworkers; it exposes the company to potential lawsuits which they will not tolerate let alone the moral implications.
  6. Complaining About Your Boss and the Company
    No one likes a whiner if you don't like your job quit and get a new one. Otherwise, you will have to play the game and be a team player, or at least appear to be one until something better comes along. Moreover, complaining doesn't only include what you say at work; it also means what you post online on your social media profiles. It is becoming more commonplace for employees to get into trouble for the ramblings they post on social media. Some companies have policies specifically addressing this issue.
  7. Lying on Resume or Application
    If you put false information on your resume, cover letter or job application and the company finds out about it they can fire you. There is usually a legal section in the company handbook that states they will get rid of you if you have falsified your information. How can they trust you when you lied to them right out of the gate?
  8. Stealing
    This transgression is self-explanatory, and no one would disagree with this one. If you were an employer, you wouldn't want employee theft to be happening at your business. It could put you out of business.
You probably already are, but be a good employee and don't put yourself in a position where you are performing any of these reasons to get fired. Exhibit behaviors that will reduce the chance of you getting fired! One of the things we have in life is our reputation. If we don't conduct ourselves ethically, we will develop a bad reputation, and when we need a reference, we won't be able to get a favorable one.