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ASCII Resume Example

ASCII resume example The Resumizer ASCII Resume Example is one of many styles you can choose when writing your resume using the Resumizer Free Resume Creator. It is a design that permits easy access to your qualifications.

ASCII Text Resume Example

This is a very useful format to use when you want a clean, simple design that you want to include in an email or attach to an online job application. It contains the sections you will need to cover most people's employment and education histories. You can add custom sections with headings if the preconfigured ones don't meet your requirements.

Adding your customized sections provide a high level of flexibility you will appreciate. Instead of being locked into a fixed template you can arrange the positions of the sections on the page. Additionally, if you don't want, or need a section, leave it blank, and it won't be displayed.

This example keeps the clutter to a minimum it incorporates text and nothing else to complete the design. It doesn't have fancy colors or designs, and the layout relies on the arrangement of the lines of text. Variety can be added by making the headings or other special elements capitalized, or by spacing them apart to differentiate from the other text.

This design doesn't use special colors, backgrounds, or images. It can be saved as a .txt file making it incredibly compatible when viewed with different operating systems and reader programs. The simple to read format helps to improve the chance that the employer will read it because it displays your qualifications in a clear-cut manner.

If you intend to email a copy to an employer, this ASCII resume example can be a good design to use. You can also use this ASCII resume example design for your cover letter and reference page to give a unified look to all of them. This is true for all of our templates they can be used for all the documents we provide.

Here is a link to see more examples and styles. If you follow the link, you will find many more styles on that page, with nice, modern layouts, and a wide selection of colors from which you can choose. You can certainly visit this page and use the example provided below, or by downloading the .txt template, you can write it yourself from scratch. This style and the other styles are also free for you to use. However, it would be much easier to click the button below to begin writing it with our free creator!
ASCII resume creator

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ASCII resume example