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Gain Career Benefits From Work Functions

career benefits from work Look for opportunities where you can gain career benefits from work functions to advance your career by networking with coworkers and management. Whether it be a holiday party or just a small get together at the boss's house, if you work in a setting with other individuals you are bound to be obligated to attend a work-related function of some sort. But these parties do not have to be an excuse for you to grab some free food and drinks and complain about work with your other colleagues, you should make your best effort to get the most of your situation.

Use Work Functions to Gain Career Benefits

Work parties often involve many employees and upper management getting together either at a restaurant, bar, or a coworker's house. Depending on where the party is taking place, you should understand where you can look to find opportunities that will help you get the most benefits out of the party.

Although you aren't being paid to attend this event, you can make it worth your while. If you can utilize a social situation with your colleagues as a way to advance your own career, or just become more likable, then you have achieved something beyond the scope of that party.
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Gain Career Benefits at Work Parties and Events

If you are going to attend a function such as this then aside from the entertainment aspect of it you can also gain some career building assets. You never know what you might hear, who you might meet or what you might say that can provide a career building benefit.

While reviewing this helpful guide about how you can make a social situation into a beneficial situation you should keep in mind that parties are supposed to be a genuine time with others that you work with. So while you can take some of these tips to fulfill a professional goal you want to watch yourself to be sure that you are not coming off as superficial. Practice some of these tips while still remaining genuine in the gathering.
  • Plan Your Evening
    You can't just walk into a party expecting something to magically happen to advance your career. You need to have some kind of goal set in order to accomplish something at the event. Think about any problems that you are currently experiencing in the workplace or skills that you would like to improve.

    Many individuals like to use these social settings to practice their ever-growing networking skills. Others would like to take the opportunity to speak to upper management with the hopes of gaining attention to potentially move up in the ranks.

    Whatever you are trying to accomplish, be sure that you enter the room with a plan as to how you think you can get there. If you must practice what you are going to say ahead of time then so be it. Whatever works for you.
  • Network
    A great way that you can use this obligatory gathering to your advantage was mentioned above. Use it to practice your networking skills. You can always improve this skill set because there is never a time in which you will be without the need for it. Since most all the employees are in attendance at these sorts of events take some time out to speak with the people who you don't always get an opportunity to speak with. Perhaps you can dazzle someone in upper management who previously only saw you in passing in the hallways? Whatever the goal you can always stand to network with other professionals at your company.
  • Be Viewed in a Positive Light
    This gathering is your opportunity to have your coworkers and managers remember you, and you don't want to be remembered for the wrong reasons. Be sure to follow proper business etiquette to avoid any embarrassing situations. Even though you may be “off the clock” it is still business related so treat it as such. Additionally, you should lightly joke and keep the conversation topics very positive. Talking about work is going to be inevitable because most likely that is the only thing that every single person in the room has in common. So when you speak about the job make sure that the conversations are positive, about your team's recent successes and the company as a whole.
  • Mind Your Manners
    It is obvious to state that during the party you must “mind your manners” and remain “on your best behavior.” But what is not as obvious is the explanation of an exit strategy. Every conversation has a natural ending, but sometimes you are needed elsewhere. It is important to know how to exit a conversation in a way as not to seem rude. As the conversation is occurring it is important to stick to the “seven-minutes rule.” You should spend no more than seven minutes talking in a single conversation. After that time has elapsed politely excuse yourself and move to a different region of the room to network with others.
Work parties and get-togethers are more than what they seem to be, they are great opportunities to gain career benefits from work functions. While some may view them as a boring time eating free food, having to force conversations with others from the company, the competitive and smart individuals will use it to advance themselves in the company.