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Five Work Function Don'ts

five work function don'ts Five Work Function Don'ts: It would be a shame if you were at a company party and you acted inappropriately in front of your boss or a client, here are ways to properly conduct yourself.

While it is important to make the most out of a work party, it is also crucial to point out some of the worst mistakes that some people make during these functions. While it is important to have fun at parties, just remember that you are still basically at work so all of those same rules apply.

Five Work Function Don'ts

You don't want to embarrass yourself in front of everyone that you have to see for eight hours a day, five days a week. So make sure that you avoid all these acts of bad behavior during your work functions and you should have more success during them.

While these events are designed to be fun and often fall around the holiday seasons, they can often instill fear or bad behavior in some individuals. Your job after reading this article is to avoid any of this bad behavior at all costs.
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Avoiding Bad Behavior at Work Functions

While some of these examples listed below may be extreme cases, the help that is provided explains the general rules of etiquette for office and work functions. Avoiding behavior like this and trying your best to follow all the rules, may open you up to opportunities to actually reap the benefits from these gatherings.
  1. Drinking or Eating Too Much
    Remember that even though this is a party it doesn't give you the freedom to frequent the open bar or gorge yourself on the catered food. Sometimes these events are held at a restaurant in which case you should simply eat the meal that you ordered and not ask anyone else for their leftovers or any piece of their meal.

    If the party has an open bar stick to simple drinks such as beers or wines. Mixed drinks are too strong and distasteful for this kind of party. If you want to have those types of alcoholic beverages go out with your friends to a bar, don't use work as a place to become intoxicated.
  2. Inappropriate Behavior
    Just because you are at a “party” doesn't mean that you can go around to your coworkers and flirt or make rude/inappropriate comments. No matter where the party is located you still have to act under all the same rules of professionalism as if you were in your workplace.

    Participating in this sort of behavior can get you saddled with a se x ual harassment suit and cause you much more aggravation than you were probably anticipating. This situation is another reason why you should keep your drinking to a minimum.
  3. Breaking the Dress Code
    As stated before, you must treat this party much like you would a regular workday. If the party has a specific dress code you should stick to it. This is not to say that you should show up to the party in your work clothes. You may wear something a little different just be sure that it is professional.

    Wearing that low cut shirt or short dress that you have been dying to try somewhere isn't a good idea for this occasion. Stick to something more business professional unless otherwise stated.
  4. Guests
    Be careful when you decide to bring a guest. Look at your invitation or announcement to the party and take note of where is states information about bringing a plus one. You don't want to bring someone if no one else is, that will make you look rude.

    Also, keep in mind who you are thinking about bringing to your work function. Will this person embarrass you? Do you think they are professional enough to attend? This may seem harsh, but this person is going to be a reflection of you to each of your coworkers so if you have any doubts leave them at home!
  5. Thinking This is Only a Party
    When you attend these sorts of events it is important to remember why you are attending. These are more than just parties and functions. If you play your cards right you can truly make the most out of this and maybe even have it advance your career. Just remember to be as professional as possible and work on your networking skills because you never know who may be in attendance.
While work functions and parties can be very beneficial to your career, they have also shown to cause major damage to reputations if individuals choose to make some of the worst mistakes during these events. You won't want to blunder into one these five work function don'ts. Remember to stay focused, professional, and gain career benefits from your work functions!