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How to Write a Resignation Letter

how to write a resignation letter How To Write a Resignation Letter: learn how to properly format and setup a resignation letter so that you may respectfully resign from your job and stay on good terms with your current employer.

Write An Effective Resignation Letter

Resigning from a job can be a difficult situation to handle and if you adhere to the correct procedures, your conclusion will inevitably include the composition of a resignation letter. These letters are often brief and minimally detailed, but remain as an important gesture from an employee to a manager. Use this guide to properly format and create one that is respectful.
How to Write a Resignation Letter Guide

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How to Write a Well Written Resignation Letter

  • Give Notice
    Being courteous at a time in which you have decided to leave your place of employment is of the utmost importance to maintain a professional and cordial image.

    Never plan to leave a job without giving notice. Just leaving is considered rude and gives your previous manager the impression that you are unappreciative and never really cared about that company. You can obtain some insights into how to quit a job by reading the associated article.

    The best way that you may notify the business of your departure is in person as well as with a completed resignation letter.
  • Express Gratitude
    Even if you had a bad experience during your time with the company, never forget to thank your employer for the opportunities they have provided. Mention any experiences you have gained or career training you have learned from the people that you have worked with. Leave on good terms you may need a letter of recommendation for a future job.

    Refer to resignation letter examples to learn how to incorporate a voice of gratitude into your writing.
  • Letter Formatting
    Below is a sample template as well as instructions on how to correctly format a resignation letter. If you are still having trouble you may use our creator program by clicking the “Start” button below.

    Sample Template

    Your Contact Information:
    Your Name
    City, State Zip
    Phone Number

    [2 Returns]


    [2 Returns]

    Employer Contact Information:
    Business Name
    City, State Zip

    [2 Returns]

    Salutation/Greeting: Dear Mr./Mrs. Employer's Last Name:

    [2 Returns]

    Opening Paragraph: Begin with a sentence stating your resignation and the date in which your final two weeks begins.

    [2 Returns]

    Main Paragraph: This second paragraph is optional, but recommended. Thank your manager for everything they have done for you during your time with the company.

    [2 Returns]

    Closing Paragraph: End your letter by explaining that if there is anything that you can do to assist the transitional process you can be there to help. Wish the manager all the best for the future.

    [2 Returns]

    Closing: Sincerely,

    [2 Returns]

    Sign Here in Ink

    [2 Returns]

    Type Your Signature Here
Use a common font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana with a 12pt size. Stick to the standard one-inch margins on all sides of your page. Of course you should take the time to proofread your letter, even though you are leaving the company, you never know if you may require something from them in the future.

You will want to maintain your professionalism throughout this process. Treat your supervisor and coworkers with respect to demonstrate that you are of high moral character. They way you exit the company is as important as the way you enter. Be worthy of their respect, these people will be your future references for potential future jobs you apply for.

Knowing how to write a resignation letter, to manually format and put it together in order to resign is a great skill to acquire. However, you can make it easier on yourself by taking advantage of our Free Resignation Letter Creator. Insert your data into the program and you will create a complete and correctly formatted letter instantly and at no cost! You probably have a lot on your mind, at least finishing this task doesn't have to be one of them. Get started now!
how to write a resignation letter