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Free Reference Request Letter Creator

reference request letter creator Use this Free Reference Request Letter Creator if you need to ask a previous employer or professor for a reference to promote your value to a hiring manager. You can write that letter here.

Create Your Reference Request Letter for Free

If you need to ask someone for a reference for a job interview you might be intimidated because you can't quite decide how to word it. Here, at Resumizer we have available many different letter templates and styles to choose from. Using the small images below as an example select the style you like best. You will be able to see a larger example filled with your info on the Preview page.

If after seeing the preview you don't like the style you chose you can change between the different styles within the program. Another major choice you will need to make is which letter to use. The program contains pre-made letters, pick the one that is most applicable to your circumstances. You can choose different ones to see how they look and also rewrite the letter as you see fit so it works best for your job situation. Various combinations of styles, letters, colors and fonts make for a creator that can produce a letter for most every need.

The same style that you picked for your resume and cover letter can be used here to provide a sense of continuity with your pages. The same is true for your fonts and colors they can be the same too. This applies to all of our document creators, once you find your favorite choices you can use them for all of your documents. Make yourself a nice looking, well formatted page that you will be proud to deliver to your contacts.

You will want to formulate your plan for choosing the people for references. What job specific details will you include? What people do you plan to ask? Are they going to add a lot of credibility to your resume?

The versatility of the Free Reference Request Letter Creator is further enhanced by the interconnection each of our creators possesses making document creation a much simpler activity. This application makes no demands for payment so please use it all you like, for more information refer to our resume for free page.

Pick the style that you like best. Each style has its own embellishments such as a photo or logo, lines or solid backgrounds for the headers. The style that is presently being used is shown below with a blue outline. Click an image below to choose a style. Press the buttons below to advance to the next section.

Reference Request Letter Style Selection 1

ASCII Text Format
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