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Resume Logo Video

See how you can benefit from the inclusion of a logo on your resume from our Resume Logo Video. This video explains how to use our system to add one to your cover letter and reference page too. Not everyone needs to include one but for those whose careers would benefit from it, you can easily add one using our system.

Should I Use a Logo On My Resume?

resume logo video The Resumizer Free Resume Creator has many styles that incorporate a logo in their design, specifically styles 26 through 30. *Updated: We have updated all the styles, except for ASCII, to have the ability to use a logo. This enables us to remove styles 26-30 since they were the same as other existing styles, but they had the option to add a logo which now makes them redundant. You don't have to use a logo if you don't want one even if you like a style that does contain one. If you use one of those styles and don't enter a picture it will be ignored and the rest of the template will be shown.
If you choose not to use one you can return to the logo page at any time to add one. By selecting “No Logo” on the “Logo” page, the logo will then be ignored. Otherwise, you may use one of our monograms, a picture of yourself or an image of something else relevant to the position you are applying for.

For example, you may want to include an example of your work if you are an artist or an architect. Styles 1 through 25 utilize photos in their designs, you are sure to like many of them. We provide this feature for those who can benefit from its inclusion. As time progresses we are becoming a more visual society just think about all the images and videos people watch online.

It may be to your benefit to design a special image specifically created to showcase your talents if you are considering using this option. Think about how you can visually communicate your skills and abilities especially if you are in a field where it is important to have strong design, art and drawing skills.

This is why we included this feature, many guests who want the option to be able to add something extra to the page can now do so. From something as classy as one of our monograms to your own works, when the employer is thumbing through the pile of pages this may catch their eye. For occasions where the scanning is done by a machine it may not provide much benefit, but during the interview if they have a copy of the page it may.

If you are neck and neck with another applicant and it would only take a little more creativity on your part for example to tip the scales in your favor maybe this would do it. You never know, but when the competition is fierce use every advantage you can get. A guide about using photos on your documents was created to answer questions related to this topic. The link is here: Photo Resume.

Resume Logo Video

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