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How to Keep From Losing Your Job

keep from losing your job Employ some simple, common sense actions to your work routine. Discover how to keep from losing your job by adding or changing the way you do your job so you can make yourself more valuable to your boss.

Strategies to Save Your Job

Although being an employee leaves you at the mercy of your employer by becoming a valued employee you may reduce your chances of making the “cut.” Of course as an employee there is never going to be an absolute method of ensuring you don't get laid off. There may be reasons for the downsizing that go beyond how good of an employee you are.

It would seem reasonable that you wouldn't be one of the first to be let go if you made yourself stand out above the others at your workplace.

Being the model employee might yield additional benefits like more pay or a promotion, who knows. Use the list below to get an idea of the things you can do in an attempt to save your job. As this list is composed of suggestions that in our opinion will help, each person's situation is different, so they may or may not help.
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What Can You Do So You Don't Lose Your Job?

  • Stand Out From the Crowd
    The items provided in this list are meant to give you ways to stand out from your coworkers. If you blend into the background, then no one will notice you. Try to think about ways to be on your bosses radar (in a good way!).
  • Be Positive
    No one likes to be around someone that is negative whether you are at home or work. Project a positive attitude to give yourself an air of success and accomplishment.
  • Be Confident But Not Cocky
    You want to convey confidence, but not be annoying like you are a “know it all,” especially to coworkers. It can be worse if you work within a team whose members are in close proximity.
  • Be Assertive
    Let others know you are there, participate at meetings, mention suggestions that would benefit the business. Don't be overbearing or aggressive.
  • Go Above and Beyond
    When you are given a task to complete go beyond what is asked. If it is a sales goal, sell more. If it is a project deadline, finish early. Think of ways you can exceed your bosses expectations in your job.
  • Don't Avoid the Boss
    Keep it professional, speak with the boss don't try to avoid them. Keep yourself in their good graces. Let them think well of you. People tend to want to do good things for those they are happy with.
  • Take on More Responsibility
    See if you can be given a task that is outside your normal routine, provided you are able to do it. Don't set yourself up for failure by taking a task you don't know how to do. Show your boss you are capable of more than what is in your normal work day.
  • Add Value to the Business
    Make yourself valuable by increasing profits, getting new clients or increasing efficiency. Develop business relationships with clients such that if you left the company they would follow you. Create an environment where there would be a definite loss of business if they were to let you go.
    1. Increase profits
    2. Create a new product
    3. Generate new sales
    4. Streamline the systems
    5. Solve problems
  • Be the Problem Solver
    If you are known in your organization as the “go to person” when there is a problem that needs to be solved. That would go a long way to prove your worth to the company.
  • Barriers to Entry
    If you can be the one who knows about some aspect of the business that most others in your organization don't that can be of great value. If you perform a function that anyone can do you are easier to replace.
  • Keep Learning and Improving
    Keep yourself up-to-date with new technologies, in this fast-paced world there is always a new piece of hardware or new software coming out. Make yourself be the one who knows how to use them proficiently. Make sure you know your stuff and that you excel in your field.
These suggestions that show you how to keep from losing your job may be of help in maintaining your position. We all have different strengths and weaknesses you will need to determine which suggestions would serve you best if any. At the very least you may get a spark of encouragement to begin taking your career to the next level. See our career library or videos for more help with advancing your career or getting a job.