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How to Tell If Your Job Is At Risk

how to tell if your job is at risk Job Security is a phrase that is vitally important to everyone who is employed. Everyone wants to feel that their job position is safe and valued. However, sometimes there are situations in which the employee feels blindsided as they come into work on a seemingly normal day only to discover that their position at the company no longer exists or is cut back extensively.

Should I Look for New Work?

This is why it is so important to notice these danger signs before the punch in the stomach that is a layoff occurs. Be observant and actively seek these common traits, you have the potential to make the correct decision about a job, and possibly prevent an employment gap and further insecurity.
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Danger Signs That Signal It May Be Time for You to Leave

There are a lot of changes in a company that invoke signals of decline. What's important is being able to differentiate these signals to determine whether you should stay with a company.
  • Less Power, Less Responsibility
    If you notice a decline in the amount of work, this could be a major indicator that something is wrong. Possibly it is a signal telling you when to look for new work. Of course, most companies are cyclical, and they receive higher concentrations of work at varying times of the year, but if there is an abnormal decline in the amount of work you are given, that's something to consider.

    Think about it this way, if the company is going to fire someone, they aren't going to get them immersed into a new project. They are going to phase that employee out by rendering their purpose less useful.
  • Isolation Island
    Suddenly you find yourself feeling very alone in your workplace. Your boss seems near impossible to get hold of, and your coworkers treat you like an outcast. Keep in mind that this needs to be abrupt and highly noticeable for this point to be applicable. This occurrence in and of itself may be caused by something other than an attempt to isolate you. It is very easy to let paranoia get the best of you and simply imagine that these things are happening.
  • New Hires/Mergers
    Oftentimes when a company is going through a giant overhaul, a vast amount of new hires, whether it be management or other employees can be observed. Be cautious if an employee with the same skill set as you has been hired. This may be a warning sign that you could be replaced in the near future.
  • Unfavorable Reviews
    Many companies go through the tedious process of performance reviews. One of the clues that can lead you to believe that you might be destined for a layoff is an unexpectedly poor performance review.

    You know the quality of work that you provide to the company, and you most likely have experienced performance reviews at some time in your life before. So if surprisingly bad performance reviews suddenly appear you should take that into consideration because perhaps it means that your job is at risk.
  • Financial Quandaries
    Hearing upper management complain about how financial times are tight is another warning sign that maybe things are going to be getting slim at your company. It is OK for a company to attempt to save money and increase efficiency. It is when they start to cut back on essentials and skimp on things that they haven't in the past. That may be the S.O.S. that you need to jump ship to another job.

What to Do About It

  • Don't Show Your Feelings
    No matter how discouraged you are, don't show that you are aware of your position's decline. Remember, you are going to be searching for another job in the meantime, so you don't want people to be aware of that.

    Soldier on with your day-to-day activities and maintain a positive attitude to present the illusion that you are happy with your job and all is well.
  • Do Your Best Work
    Give all of your work your best effort and make yourself known throughout the company, get noticed at work. Even if you choose not to stay at the company it would at least be a benefit to be able to have a quality reference for your new job.
  • Make Yourself Known
    Become a presence in the office and make it so that people recall your work. Not only should you produce high quality work for yourself, but you should be helpful to others in an attempt to make yourself more of an asset in your work community.
  • Remain Positive
    Even though you are dealing with a very stressful time right now, it is best to remain positive, especially when searching for a new job. There is something out there for you, and who knows, it might even be better than what you have currently.
You may have been at work and noticed there were changes that were happening around you in your workplace that made you feel uneasy. Like they were trying to eliminate your position for example. To know how to tell if your job is at risk and to know when to look for new work arms you with some tools that you can use to combat this potential situation. Maybe it is a good time to get your resume updated so if a job does come along you will be prepared. Use our Free Resume Creator to make it an easy task, click the START button here:
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