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Make My Resume Shorter

make my resume shorter Make My Resume Shorter so that my resume can contain all the information that I want to present without making it so long that an employer won't read it.

You've read countless articles about how to make your resume the best it can be, you've seen that employers want to view all the best facts and details about you, but you realize that by the time you are done adding all of your information your resume caps out at just around two pages. This won't do! A resume, as many people are aware, shouldn't exceed a page except in rare cases.

Make My Resume Shorter

So what now? Do you just take away all the important information about your career that you want employers to be aware of? How much can you cut out before it starts to feel incomplete? These types of questions are answered here. It is understandable that having too much information is a frustrating problem. You want to tell an employer everything about yourself, but for some reason that is wrong!

There are ways that you can edit your resume reducing it to the expected one-page document and still feel as though you have provided a sufficient amount of information about yourself. You just need to have the proper tools and know-how to complete this process correctly.
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Make My Resume Shorter

While these tips are intended to help job seekers with their struggle of shortening their resume to a respectable length, these tricks do not provide any guarantees that your resume will be accepted and you will get a job position. The meaning of the content on your resume is as important as how it looks.
  • Maintain Relevancy
    This trick is likely the most effective out of anything that you can do to change a resume in order to shorten it. Think about the job that you are applying for and what types of skills or experiences you have that would most closely relate to it. If you feel that all of your experiences are relevant, then assign numbers to each individual listing and rank them from most relevant, or impressive to least. Then pick the top three or four listings to include on your document.

    If you have any skills or certifications that do not necessarily match up to the requirements that the company is asking to see, then you can go ahead and take off those pieces of information. Even though these items that you are removing may be perfectly acceptable, it should not exceed a certain length, so you need to know when to pick and choose.
  • Cut Out the Fluff
    Any sort of information you wrote that really doesn't embellish your professional goals or experiences is better left out. Read through all of your descriptions and bullet points that you have for each entry.

    If you go through all the descriptions and see that they seem too wordy, or you could explain the topic with more brevity, then go ahead and edit them down to just include the minimum amount of material required.
  • Physical Adjustments
    The formatting can be manipulated during the creation process. Select a different style, adjust the margins, font face, font size, and spacing. These suggestions will let you fit more information into your document than you would have fit with the standard settings.

    Make sure that as you adjust all these attributes that your document doesn't feel as though it is crammed or difficult to read. The font size should be no smaller than 10 point, because any smaller and it would be difficult to see the words without straining.
  • Remove Objective Statement
    An objective statement is an outdated method of describing what you would like to get out of working for a company. It is obsolete now because companies don't care as much about what you want from them, but rather what you can provide to help their company flourish.
  • Delete Generic Phrases
    There are some common words and phrases that people often use that turn out to be utterly meaningless. Why would you want to waste space with this type of content? Remove these unnecessary words and phrases and you may begin to see more space opening up.
Keeping it short, to the point, yet impressive is very important as you enter the competitive sphere of job applications. However, with the use of some of this help you can more easily shorten your resume while still leaving much of the most important information that hiring managers need to see. You have seen how to make my resume shorter, make the process automated by pushing the “Start” button below.
make my resume shorter