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Resume Reference Creator

resume reference creator Just add your contacts, pick your style, font, and colors then it's ready. Our Resume Reference Creator makes a well-formatted page to bring to your job interview. It's free and simple to use!

Resumizer Resume Reference Creator Features

You will make a free resume reference page that matches your resume and cover letter, which can also be created through Resumizer. The features can be selected to make your page specialized to meet your requirements.
Resume Reference Creator

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Resume Reference Creator

What Features Does This Program Provide?

Here are some of many valuable features:
  • Choose from many styles.
  • Include a logo or picture.
  • Pick your colors and font.
  • Export to PDF, Word, text and HTML.
  • Add up to five contacts.
  • Add a web address or social media profile.
  • Make a matching resume, cover letter and other supporting documents.
  • It is free! There is NO need to join or pay fees!
  • We have lots of guides, tutorials and videos.
  • Editing is easy to do, even for future changes.

Resume Reference Creator Sections

  1. Style Choices
    There are many styles from which to choose. The styles can include a logo, a picture of yourself or any other image you want to include on your page. Each style presents the page differently, and you can use the same style that you selected for your resume and cover letter. Selecting the best style can augment your skills by showing them in a well laid out design. Showcasing your skills well may bump you up to the next level during candidate selection. Maybe a nice design can help to tip the scales in your favor. You can view our style video for some visual help.
  2. Contact Information
    Enter the contact information you wish employers to use to reach out to you. For the sake of consistency the same contact information should be used on your resume, cover letter, and other documents. You can also add the address of your social media profile. See our contact information video for help with completing this section.
  3. Add Contacts
    The Resume Reference Creator has the capacity to add up to five contacts to your page. The person's name, company, address, telephone number, and email address are the items that can be entered.
  4. Logo or Photograph
    The addition of a logo or photograph is a nice feature that can be utilized by adding a monogram logo from our library, your own photograph, or any other picture you would like to appear on your page. Our logo video can give you other details about image selection. A logo or photograph can benefit guests whose industry often includes this detail.
  5. Colors and Fonts
    To add your personal touch, the Free Resume Reference Creator helps you to choose the font and colors for the text and design features of each style. A fonts tutorial and a fonts video are available, each explaining the font and color selections. To begin making your own page click the button below.
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