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Why Didn't I Get Hired?

why didn't I get hired? The job interviewing process is stressful, it makes sense to ask yourself “Why didn't I get hired?” anyone would be disgruntled about a rejected application.

Tips to Get Yourself Hired

What is surprising is that some of the top reasons why candidates don't get selected are actually pretty simple to correct.

Listed below are the major justifications that a recruiter will use to make the decision to pass over a candidate's application. Use some of these tips to remediate your situation and possibly improve your chances of actually getting hired during your next interview.
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Top Reasons Why You Didn't Get Hired

  • Underqualified
    The job posting has qualifications listed for a reason, and if you applied for a job that you do not have the skills or background to fulfill, you won't be selected, it's as simple as that. Don't expect to be hired if you do not meet all of the requirements listed.

    To preclude this situation from occurring, pay close attention to the qualifications section and use your judgment as to what you think you can get away with. Certain positions are more flexible than others so it is not always a bad thing to apply for a job when you do not have the specific degree for it. As long as your certifications have some relevence you may land an interview.
  • Improper Dress
    First impressions are everything during an interview, and if you are dressed like a slob the employer is going to remember you, but in a bad way. If you are spending more time getting ready to go out to dinner than you are to go to your interview, you need to rearrange your priorities. If you are unsure of what the expected dress code is for an interview, see our guide on how to dress for a job interview.
  • Ineffective Resume Targeting
    Your resume needs to be tailored to fit your specific application. A lot of candidates are turned down merely because their resumes are ineffective at capturing an employer's attention. Not only should your resume contain relevant, eye-catching information, but it should have a neat and organized appearance. There are more resume tips where those came from. For more information about resume targeting, see our guide about this important technique.
  • Errors in Your Portfolio
    All of your documents including: your resume, cover letter, and application should be free of typos, grammatical errors, and inaccurate information. Having errors such as these included on important documents such as these is insulting for any recruiter to read and embarrassing for you to submit. This mistake is one of the easiest to fix, and yet this is one of the most common reasons why people do not get a job.
  • Inappropriate Behavior
    During the interview you must be polite to everyone you encounter at the business. You don't know who you will meet. Sometimes the person that you were rude to in the elevator may hold some weight in the decision of whether or not you will be hired. You don't want anything to come back and haunt you in the future, so be on your best behavior.

    The next mistake is also one of the most common reasons why people get passed up for the position. Bad-mouthing previous employers or workplaces just seems to be everyone's favorite thing to do in an interview, but these things are the worst thing you could possibly say! Not only is it inappropriate, but it isn't contributing anything to your interview whatsoever. The interview is supposed to be about your skills and how you can improve a company, not how awful your previous workplace was.
  • Lack of Knowledge
    It is your responsibility to research the company prior to your interview. The recruiter has every right to quiz you about the job, company, and general knowledge of the field of study. If you are caught off guard and do not know basic information this is going to reflect poorly on you.

    However, that is not to say if you do not know the information that you should lie. Do not fabricate any of your answers because this will be worse than if you just honestly tell the employer you don't know.
  • Forgetting to Thank the Interviewer
    Why Didn't I Get Hired? You should always send a thank you email within 24 hours after your interview. Forgetting to do so is considered rude and bad form. Everyone thanks the recruiter and if you don't, you will be remembered negatively amongst the group of other applicants.

    If you are unsure about how to thank your interviewer, see our how to write a thank you letter guide.
If you find yourself doing any of these things, which may be the answer to your question, “Why didn't I get hired?” The positive thing is that you have the opportunity to fix all these unwanted issues. So before you apply for another job be sure that any problems are resolved and you may have better luck getting selected. You can press the button below if you would like to write your free resume.
why didn't i get hired?