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Electronic Resume

electronic resume Get an Electronic Resume it's another way that you can promote yourself in the job market. Posting an electronic copy of your resume online exposes your skills and abilities to employers searching the web for someone with your qualifications.

Forget Paper, Get an Electronic Resume

If you don't have an electronic resume you are welcome to create one here at Resumizer and post it in our Resume Directory. It is completely searchable by employers and is included in the search results of internet search engines. This means that when an employer types in the various qualifications that they are looking for into a site like Google, Yahoo or Bing if your electronic resume matches their criteria the opportunity to be listed in the search results is possible.

This is a benefit to you because if you have posted your resume online in other places Resumizer will provide you with yet another location for you to be discovered. The best part is there are no costs or fees involved with using any of our services. This is remarkable because this is generally not the way a site of this type operates. We are pleased to offer the services and help library to you free of charge.
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Electronic Resume and Cover Letter

Now on to some important items to include when creating your own document.
  • Use Keywords
    Browse through the job postings for jobs that are of the type that you want to find. Pick out important terms that relate to that job. Be sure to work them into what you are writing, into each of the sections of your electronic resume.

    If you are using an Objective Statement work them into that. Put them into the Education and Experience sections where you describe what you have learned and what you have done to bring you to this point in your career.

    Be sure that when using this keyword optimization technique that you write in a natural sounding manner so as not to appear that you just threw the right words into your sentences. You want your skills and education to come off as credible and believable, not manufactured.
  • Spelling
    Simple to fix items like spelling mistakes are often overlooked, with spellcheck being such a common feature nowadays there really is no reason for this to occur. Also, while you are at it run the grammar checker, you want to look like you at least had some schooling.
  • Individual Page Address
    A nice feature would be for it to have its own page with its own address. This way you are not sharing the spotlight with others as your details are being read by a member of the HR department. You can also use the address in correspondence with companies and on any social media pages you may manage. Before doing this you may want to take a look at our social media tips article to make sure your social media page is business appropriate.
  • Ease of Use
    It is important that the place where you post your electronic resume possesses a simple to use interface. You want to be able to make quick tweaks and updates without having to read a whole instruction manual first. To have an intuitive interface will free up your time to allow you to look for a job instead of trying to figure out how to get the system to work.
  • Help When You Need It
    Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to create a resume, or build a cover letter, etc. and then have a problem with it and there is nowhere to go for help. We had that problem ourselves and have encountered the same frustration. Although Resumizer is a free service we do offer help in two forms:
    1. We have an extensive career help library covering topics from resume writing to how to dress for an interview. Between the articles, tutorials and videos there is surely something to help you with your problem.
    2. We also offer email technical support for problems related to the site, one of our online creator programs or our directories. Resumizer doesn't offer individualized help with writing your electronic resume or cover letter, as this was designed as a do-it-yourself system, but we will help you with login issues or if you have a problem using our services.
  • Management Suite
    The job search process can be further simplified by having one place to create all the documents necessary for job acquisition. You may still want to post your electronic resume in various places on the web, but in our opinion Resumizer is the best Free Resume Management system available.
This list of features that are important to the career building process have now been brought to your attention. It is up to you at this point to determine your own needs and desires and to locate a place where your needs will be met. We at Resumizer are happy to provide these great services and continually update them with new features as career trends develop. You can begin to create yours by clicking the START button here:
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