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Worst Interview Mistakes

worst interview mistakes A job interview is very a stressful process, knowing about the worst interview mistakes and how to correct them contributes to a better chance of getting hired.

Six of the Worst Interview Mistakes

During an interview there are numerous things that can go wrong to potentially compromise your chances of succeeding and obtaining the job position. However, what most applicants don't realize is that common knowledge can prevent many of the mistakes that people commonly make during this process. To keep ahead of the rest of the applicants and differentiate yourself in the mind of a recruiter, avoid these worst interview mistakes to find yourself some reasonable success in your job search.

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Worst Job Interview Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

  • Inappropriate Dress
    You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and by dressing inappropriately, you have most likely already damaged that chance. You should wear proper attire for your profession. Wearing ill-fitting or stained clothes gives the impression that you do not care or did not want to expend the effort necessary to dress correctly for the interview.

    Personal hygiene is also a large part of your appearance. How well you take care of yourself translates to how well you could take care of your position if they were to hire you.
  • Keeping Your Phone On
    It is rude to have your cell phone ring during your discussion. The employer to whom you are speaking is very busy, don't insult them by having your cell phone go off during your meeting.

    Apply the same suggestion to phone calls or texting. Do not even think about taking a phone call or texting because it shows that you don't value the recruiter's time. Even if you are waiting to speak with the interviewer, and they are not present, keep your phone away and muted until your meeting ends.
  • Having Distracting Behaviors or Objects
    There are several things that you can do that detract from the interview and distract those who interact with you. Chewing gum is a huge mistake. Chewing can look disgusting and unappealing. It also distracts them from your great qualities.

    Bringing these objects with you can be completely distracting and inappropriate. Things that you should never bring with you include a drink or coffee, sunglasses, another person, or a Bluetooth device that could be a distraction to both you and others.
  • Not Coming Prepared
    One of the most important things that you must do is to come prepared. To do this correctly, you must have adequate copies of your portfolio. This preparation includes extra copies of your resume, cover letter, reference page, and any additional documents or certifications that you will be expected to present.

    A recommendation is to get a leather-bound portfolio folder that contains all your necessary documents, a place for your business cards, a pen and a pad of paper which you will use to take notes.
  • Not Arriving on Time
    While under no circumstances should you ever be late for your appointment, it is also inappropriate to show up too early. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your meeting, check in with the correct people, and politely wait for your interviewer without checking your phone or fidgeting through your papers.
  • Asking the Wrong Questions
    During your interview, you have not been offered the position yet, so there are certain topics that are off limits to speak about at this time. Talking about topics like salary, holiday or vacation time, or benefits are not subjects that you shouldn't discuss at this time. Also, don't ask common knowledge questions about the company. It is your job to research the company before you meet. However, if you do have questions make sure they are relevant and intelligent to impress the recruiter.
As you can see, there are countless mistakes that you can make during a job interview, the ones listed above are the worst. From learning about these suggestions, you now know what behavior to avoid to increase your chances of succeeding in your job search. Remember to send the person or people you met a thank you letter. Here are more resources to aid your job search: