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Resume Style 11 : Minimal Education Problems

free resume online style 11 Resume Style 11 displays your information such that it draws attention to your consistent employment history and away from your minimal education by making the dates very noticeable. If you have an unfocused work history where you worked at jobs that weren't in the same field or you are short on education you can demonstrate reliability by making the dates prominent.

Resume Example Style 11

A lack of an education or not having a focused education can be diminished by selecting a format that puts your Experience section before the Education section. Let them see that first, then they can move on to the other sections. That can work to your advantage, often recruiters are in a hurry and just glance at a resume. They may not notice your deficiencies right away. If you get your “foot-in-the-door” maybe that will give you the opportunity to explain things, you never know. While this wouldn't be the first choice it is a strategy you could try if you aren't getting results other ways. Though upon being interviewed this problem will be uncovered by the recruiter so make sure you have a good explanation.

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minimal education resume style 11