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Photo Resume Style 27 FREE Resume Creator

photo resume Photo Resume Style 27 gives you the ability to include your picture. If you will gain a benefit from including one this template may give you that edge to get that interview. This template can be used if you think that having a photo resume will add an extra bit of visual appeal so your resume will make the cut.

Photo Resume Style 27

The photo is placed centrally at the top of the page under your name. Your contact details are divided and positioned to the left and to the right of your image. Each section title has a decorative line above and below running horizontally along the width of the page, these lines can have their color selected to accommodate your style choices. Your college degrees and job titles are bold and are centered within each section making them more distinct than the other parts that use normal size and weight fonts.

When using a photo select one that provides a flattering pose where you are dressed in proper business clothing. You want to look professional and confident as if you are ready to work and will get the job done. You may even consider getting professional photos, a good photographer may be able to put you into a pose that delivers the look you want. It would be preferable to use a white background when taking the picture.

If you want to use this template you can either download the .doc word document and edit it with your own word processor or use it with our online creator where the link for it is located above on the top, right in the menu.

Please Read: If you are using the creator and you arrived here from the "Style" page, and you want to use this style, then go back and continue using the program.
photo resume style 27