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Resume With a Photograph Style 30

photo resume Write a Resume With a Photograph to have something different from the rest of the applicants. Everyone else has a plain boring resume now make yours something special. Adding a photograph or any picture for that matter is what most people aren't going to do. This is why it might be a good strategy, if you want to be ordinary like everyone else do what everyone else does. If you want to stand above, then you need to go the extra mile and do what others don't.

Resume With a Photograph

Now this is basic motivational philosophy but it is true. The winners are the ones who go above and beyond to reach their goals. Possibly this strategy may help you reach yours, the goal of getting hired. Read our article with more info about creating your photo resume.

The basic design has everything aligned to the left except for the photograph that is at the top and aligned to the right. The section names are capitalized and underlined to set them apart. The organization of the elements on this template allow the eyes to roll down the page to read what you have written. The details for the jobs and schools are offset to the right, so they aren't in line with the remaining text. This makes them pop out where they can be easily seen and read. Make what you write be of high value for your details that you list for each job and school. These are the particulars that the employer is going to use to decide if you warrant getting an interview.

If you want to use this template you can either download the .doc Word document and edit it yourself with your own word processor or edit it with help by using style 8 in our online creator.

Please Read: In our creator programs all styles support the use of an image making this one redundant, it has been replaced by style 8.
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