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Picture Resume Style 29 FREE Resume Creator

picture resume Picture Resume Style 29 can show off the image of your choice, if you have a catchy logo for example you can showcase it for that extra something special when it sits in the stack of other resumes. If you were the one sifting through the stack of resumes you would certainly notice one that had a memorable picture on it.

Picture Resume Example Style 29

The main thing you need to concern yourself with is that you choose an image that will add real value to the other skills you have to offer. This can be a photograph of yourself or an image of a product you designed. It can be anything applicable that you feel will improve your chances of getting noticed and getting an interview. Once you "get your foot in the door" you will have the opportunity and work your magic with the interviewer.

Even if it is scanned electronically when the interviewer eventually sees it they will see your image too. The picture should be a reasonable size so it doesn't push everything too far down contributing to generating additional pages.

This template sports an image at the top to the left and has your info on the top right. Each part of your contact info is enclosed in brackets which neatly separates it. The top area is separated by a colored line to put the important stuff like your skills and experience together when it can be soaked up by the person tasked with hiring.

You are welcome to use this template either by downloading the Word document and editing it manually with your own word processor or editing it with help using our online creator. Our free creator program is free for all to use, it contains this template of course. You can build your resume with it by going to the link at the top, right of the page and clicking the link. Then, select style number 29.

Please Read: If you are using the creator and you arrived here from the "Style" page, and you want to use this style, then go back and continue using the program.
picture resume style 29