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Resume Example Style 14 : Fill a Sparse Looking Resume

free resume online style 14 Resume Example Style 14 can help you fill a sparse looking resume by adding nice features like horizontal lines above and below each heading and a more spacious layout. You may have recently graduated from school, or you may have only worked one or two jobs because you stayed at each of them for a long time. If this is the case, this is a signal that you are reliable and loyal.

Resume Example Style 14

Even though you may not have a lot to write, you won't want it to look like you don't have much experience or much education. So what can you do? You can space out your information a little more and use space-consuming decorative accents. The decorative accents can add some appeal while still keeping your info poised for quick uptake by the employer. You can choose the colors of the fonts and horizontal lines.

Upper case letters are used to write the headings; they also use a larger font than the rest of the body text. The job titles and school degrees have boldface fonts, so they are better noticed. This template could help fill a sparse looking resume if you didn't go to college and have a high school degree. If you find yourself in this position, you may want to look into performing some volunteer work that is related to your field. This new experience will give you more material to put on your resume and all the better if it is material that corresponds to the new job.

If you want to use this template, you can either download the .doc Word document and edit it yourself with your word processor or edit it with help by using our online creator. Use our free creator and avoid the hassle of figuring out how to do this alone. We don't charge anything, so why not!

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sparse resume style 14