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Resume Template Style 18 FREE Resume Creator Online

style 18 Resume Template Style 18 uses a large solid header that highlights your name and contact information. Your name will now stand out when the employer is looking through a pile of resumes. The top header can become the color that you choose, be careful not to select an overpowering color that takes away from the resume instead of adding to it.

Resume Template Style 18

The headings are capitalized and bold face, they are a larger sized font than the other parts of the resume. Your name, company name, company location, job title and dates are bold face. The school name, school location, degree and date are also bold face this brings extra attention to these details.

For those who are a little lacking on education or job experience this template has its sections and the elements within them spaced at a greater distance from each other to help create the illusion of more content on the page. We have other styles that also offer this page filling feature, you may wish to use our Free Resume Creator to quickly "try out" other styles to see which one you like best.

Our style video and template tutorial will provide you with more insights about choosing your optimal resume example. If you want to use this template you can either download the .doc word document and edit it with your own word processor or use it with our online creator. You can also use this style with our other creator programs.

Please Read: If you are using the creator and you arrived here from the "Style" page, and you want to use this style, then go back and continue using the program.
resume style 18